Voting Rights Reform May Be ANOTHER Biden Failure

Voting Rights Reform May Be ANOTHER Biden Failure

President Biden has just admitted that the Democrats’ push for voting rights legislation may be dead in the water after failing to convince fellow Democrats like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to reform the filibuster. Manchin poured salt on Biden’s wounds by complementing his recent speech in Atlanta while still opposing everything Biden was saying. Ana Kasparian and Wosny Lambre discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.


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  1. Welcome to 5th grade social studies. The electoral college is used to ensure that all states have their voices acknowledged. While it does provide all states with a minimum number or 2 electoral votes, the total electoral votes a state receives is based on population. So I hate to ruin that guys "joke" but bails of hay aren't counted in the census. On to our next lesson, not one state has passed a voting bill that in any way prevents anyone at all from voting. States like GA and TX actually provided MORE opportunities to vote by expanding early voting and letting polling locations choose the hours they operate to best serve their own communities. Ok now time for math kids, Let's start with a word problem. If you have $100 dollars cash in your piggy bank, what would happen to that $100 dollars if 80% of all US Dollars in existence have been recklessly printed since Jan. 2020? Yes, that is 80% of all US Dollars ever to exist… all within 2 years. Do you think that we can solve this problem with math? Or should we open our history textbooks to see what happened in Germany in the late 1920's? That's it for today. We aren't going to get into how important the filibuster is and how incredibly ignorant and short sided it would be to even consider such an absurd proposal. Almost as absurd as adding supreme court justices, but I don't think you are ready for that yet, let's start with the simple stuff you can understand.

  2. Learn some history, the way the UNITED States got these small states to unite was to give them some incentive, the Electoral College was it. Let me remind th cry baby lefties that Obama win the adjectival College TWICE. Maybe just maybe you guys aren’t as popular as you think you are, maybe you’d ideas sound good when you say it but based on results, blue cities & blue states show your complete failure.
    The only people who take you seriously are you. Seriously you got tricked by Joe Biden, You are decades into bad decision nailing that has destroyed our country and you wonder why you can’t convince the Right of anything. Ego wayyyyyy bigger than brain .

  3. Amen Anna… it’s about time these Republicans and Democrats are on the same team!!.. the Dems aren’t weak!!.. there doing there jobs of keeping things the way they are… more good cop bad cop.. business as usual

  4. Looks like Sleepy Joe is going to be sent packing for Delaware with the eventual return of President Trump, FACT! We just have to survive 3 more years of Sleepy Joe and Kamal Toe.

  5. I'm still amused to this day that conservatives are convinced that they actually won the popular vote the last two elections and that the majority of the country is on their side, yet they still freak out at the idea of the electoral college being abolished. They know the truth, they just don't want to admit it to themselves.

  6. He should have never ever ever let the Bipartisan infrastructure bill pass with out voting on Build back better first..that was stupid..Period full fking stop.

  7. Ok look I get the frustration here but wtf you want Biden to do? He's tried negotiating with Manchin and Senima and they are both too corrupt to allow any of Bidens agendas but somehow Biden is to blame for that?? I don't agree with Biden on his handling with a ot of stuff but this isn't on him it's on the two senators blocking everything and the entire Republican party who refuses to do anything to help Americans to own the libs.

  8. It's really weird how Democrats are the only ones concerned about democracy and Republicans aren't. Either the GOP knows it can't ever win with their numbers and is fine with subverting it– a crime in and of itself– or they're not interested in representational government, republicanism and voting.

    Well, if you're not interested in governing legitimately, you don't get to govern at all. For a party all about patriotism, honor, freedom and dignity, they sure think democracy's a threat, an exclusive commodity that should either be afforded only to them or abandoned completely.

    Hear about the RNC informing the presidential debate commission they're no longer participating in the debates? The feel they're prejudicial, make them look bad to voters.

    Think liberal victimhood has infected the bullies of the GOP.

    Gotta give 'em credit, they sure do learn well.

  9. Because someone else strong-armed and blackmailed and destroyed dissenters lives for political gain is no reason to do the same. It's reason to do something different, not mimic it, be the example of how it should be done.

    If democratic principles don't work, they're either working or we're doing something wrong. That they aren't working for us is no reason to abandon them.

  10. The difference between Kirsten Sinema’s speech on the filibuster when she was trying to get elected, and her speech as Senator now is: Then she was seeking money and had to appeal to those who might give it to her; and now she has lots of it and must appeal to those who did give it to her. If Joe Biden went out and raised a billion dollars to split between Manchin and Sinema they would be right on his side. Yes? Let’s go JOE BIDEN. Get on it!

  11. Why is it that every time the democrats can't get what they want they try to change the rules? It's dishonest at best. Not only that but there is no need for voting "reform" what the problem they are trying to fix? There is no problem. Every thing the democrats want to do would actually make the election system less secure and easier for Russia to elect trump again. They want no voter id, universal mail in voting, basically they want to do away with all of the security features of the voting system.

    Our congress is working exactly as it was designed, if your majority is only 1 vote, then there should be grid lock. 51% of the country should not be shoehorning and railroading the other 49%. It is by design.

  12. ”Public grandstanding and his peacocking…he is disgusting”, well I was just watching one female and one male who was doing a pretty good job at just that. On the acctual question of filibuster it is ironical that the democratic party, not that many years ago was AGAINST removing the filibuster. Indeed senator Biden was acctually arguing this point… The present administration is attempting quite large changes without a particularly large majority.

  13. I wonder why they removed this information about these people!
    A king is the same as a president!
    1 Maccabees 8:4 And that by their policy and patience they had conquered all the place, though it were very far from them; and the kings also that came against them from the uttermost part of the earth, till they had discomfited them, and given them a great overthrow, so that the rest did give them tribute every year:
    1 Maccabees 8:10 And that they, having knowledge thereof sent against them a certain captain, and fighting with them slew many of them, and carried away captives their wives and their children, and spoiled them, and took possession of their lands, and pulled down their strong holds, and brought them to be their servants unto this day:
    1 Maccabees 8:11 It was told him besides, how they destroyed and brought under their dominion all other kingdoms and isles that at any time resisted them;
    1 Maccabees 8:12 But with their friends and such as relied upon them they kept amity: and that they had conquered kingdoms both far and nigh, insomuch as all that heard of their name were afraid of them:
    1 Maccabees 8:13 Also that, whom they would help to a kingdom, those reign; and whom again they would, they displace: finally, that they were greatly exalted:
    1 Maccabees 8:14 Yet for all this none of them wore a crown or was clothed in purple, to be magnified thereby:
    1 Maccabees 8:15 Moreover how they had made for themselves a senate house, wherein three hundred and twenty men sat in council daily, consulting alway for the people, to the end they might be well ordered:
    1 Maccabees 8:16 And that they committed their government to one man every year, who ruled over all their country, and that all were obedient to that one, and that there was neither envy nor emmulation among them.

  14. The thing with Biden's failures is that he even tried in the first place. It's the risk one takes. On the other hand, Trump failed in nearly everything he tried, but he tried so little in the first place. If you don't try, you can't fail. Since Republicans of late have no policies at all, they aren't likely to try anything. How can they possibly fail?

    Mz. S. Adams Got Him To HIS POSITION………