How Larry David ALMOST Broke Seinfeld

How Larry David ALMOST Broke Seinfeld

Seinfeld will forever be considered one of the best sitcoms to ever appear on television. The shows creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David were a perfect team, keeping the balance of their personalities drives the shows success. But when Larry David left Seinfeld, it almost broke the entire show. Jerry held it together, but after Larry David left Seinfeld was never the same.

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Written by Dave Baker
Edited by David Sadvari


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  1. After Larry David left I felt the show was trying to imitate itself and not very well. It lacked that neurotic element that Larry felt toward every day things. I heard Larry came back to help write the last episode but truly sucked anyway. You don't bring along the audience to share and enjoy some of the neurotic antisocial behavior only to punish everyone at the end. If anything, all the characters should have gone on to became successful.

  2. I think it went off the rails before David left, starting with season 6. As the show stayed at #1 week after week, David had so much control that he wouldn't hear a single "No," except to the idea of him leaving. He couldn't dredge up the nerve to walk away, so he took his frustrations out on the characters, making them meaner, nastier, more cynical, less relatable, less likeable, and less laughable. By the time Susan was killed off callously, the show was over for me.
    It's not that I cared about Susan–she was an empty, expendable character. But I did care how George felt about Susan and how he would manage to worm his way out of the relationship. Killing her off was lazy, and the cause of death was 80s sitcom wacky, not funny, just dumb. George's reaction to her death was not OOC, but nor was it funny or even remotely amusing. To see him barely repressing his utter relief over her death was a bit chilling, even for him. David was laughing at us in that moment. He'd grown to hate the audience as he always had in his stand up.

  3. (5:07) "…to see who can go the longest without self-gratifying themselves." Dude, grow up. It's called masturbation. Self-gratifying self is tautological. Who else could you self-gratify?

  4. Post Larry David the show definitely became goofier, less cynical, slightly less intelligent (less subtext) but also more experimental and more digestible by a wider audience. The episode of the trip to India progressing in reverse was one of the first of its kind on TV.

  5. I personally liked the two eras of the show. It never felt innorganic or fake like with Community season 4, but it still leaves the whole aspect of being mundane behind. The last episode is absurdist and ridiculous, but it never felt like a bad finale. The logic of them being bad people never leaves the show, but it's clear that Jerry Seinfield isnt as much of a badboy as my man Larry

  6. “he kept a VHS tape of
    the pilot in his office,
    and would show it to
    other NBC execs who
    had come over for meetings.
    This eventually
    turned into Tartikoff
    turning some of his
    primetime specials budget–
    money intended to produce
    one-off two-hour special events
    or concerts.
    Despite this meager
    start, Seinfeld quickly…”
    I’ve re-read and re-listened multiple times and I still can’t figure out what this is supposed to mean.

  7. Never have i disagreed with a video themes then I have with this one. Almost undoubtably season 8 and 9 are two of if not the strongest seasons, because while people when talking about the show claim they love how its a show about nothing, unfailingly their favorite episodes are those when the show comes to a striking conclusion. And no season is more chalk full with great endings than the last two. I love larry david but i think there is a strong argument to be made that the show got BETTER after larry david left and the the show thrived when under the control of one main creative lead

  8. It was a different but not worse after he left. I loved the Larry David years. I loved the cartoonier Seinfeld too. I'm just glad it ended before it started a serious decline.

  9. Larry David leaving allowed Seinfeld to evolve and improve. It was a far different show, and ultimately, a far FUNNIER show aftere David left. Also, George became a less annoying and more entertaining character. The last two seasons of Seinfeld were by far the best. Fight me.

  10. You can tell the show changed after he left, but me personally still loved the season 8 and 9. In fact those seasons have one the best episodes in the entire series. I feel like Season 1 and 2 are the weakest, then 3 through 7 are the peak, while 8 and 9 are still good, but not as consistent. With all that said, I never felt the show had a bad season, It is a phenomenal show all the way through, and thank god they ended before it could turn int former shadow of it's former glory.

  11. I like your channel, but some of these sitcom analysees are just really stretching it. I feel like you came up with the clickbait title then tried way too hard to justify it. Seinfeld was the #1 show in the country in it's sixth season. David left after the seventh season and and the show went to #1 again. You can argue the show was better before, but he never broke seinfeld. He made it then he left it. No drama here.

  12. The Jerry Seinfeld seasons(8 & 9) are clearly distinct from the Larry David seasons. The humor is a bit like a conventional sitcom. Repetitive quotable lines like Serenity now, ridiculous plots and it was carried by the cast’s skill.

    The Larry David episodes have a standup bit with interesting social commentary, the jokes are filled with social commentary like the one where they talk about rich people eating chocolates with a knife and fork, the humor is just very relatable and intelligent, that is what set it apart from other shows. Curb your enthusiasm does a better job at this and is Larry’s best work imo.

  13. I love all of this series, but to be honest…

    I like the latter part of it without Larry David best. I really respect him too. But, I think the weirdness of the show was very enjoyable for me!

  14. Personally I liked when Seinfeld was more witty than it was wacky. The writing was more clever, the characters were more believable, the humor was a bit drier and darker. After Larry left something about it just felt off, the episodes became super fast paced and we no longer got those long hilarious conversation scenes like in "The Contest" when George explains to them how he got caught. Conversations like that are hilarious because they're relatable, it's part of what made Seinfeld stand apart. Don't get e wrong though some S8 and S9 episodes are still hilarious to me, my favorite being "The yadda yadda," but it's always those S8 and S9 episodes that are more grounded and less wacky.

  15. Often in music, the band’s best selling album is not musically the best album. It is simply the one that pleases kinda everyone. Often the bands release their greatest material when they are still young and hungry and have everything to prove to the world. The first album or season is mostly just honing the idea and getting used to the format. Often it is the second through fifth album or season that really works, after that it is just trying to keep the audience satisfied by kinda repeating the same stuff but with different ”skin”. So, for me, Seinfeld around season 2 through 4 or 5 is the magical era. After that it kinda fizzled out for me, never bad, but never really surprised me like some of those intense episodes on Seasons 2-5.

  16. To me – the Bizarro Jerry episode was the fingerprint of the lone Seinfeld episodes. Just no longer about mundane everyday life, and more so fantastical (yet absurd & goofy), unrealistic stories. Still like it – just something different.

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