UK bill 'limiting' right to protest sparks outrage | DW News

UK bill 'limiting' right to protest sparks outrage | DW News

People have been rallying in cities across the UK to protest against a new bill they say is an attack on the right to demonstrate. The controversial ‘police and crime bill’ would grant police greater powers to crack down on disruptive protests, but critics say it will also make it more difficult to hold peaceful demonstrations.
In a statement, the Home Office told DW: “Freedom to protest within the law is a fundamental part of our democracy, but the police must swiftly deal with the selfish minority of protestors whose actions endanger the public (…).”
The UK government is targeting environmental activists. It wants to stop disruptive protest. Public nuisance will be a new offense, carrying a maximum penalty of up to ten years in prison or an unlimited fine. And that’s highly controversial.
NGOs and human rights groups have staged many protests. They see the bill as an attack on democracy itself. And even conservative legal observers like the former attorney general are concerned.


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  1. Don’t you dare compare disruptive protesters in UK to the heroes who oppose real tyranny. Those who defy e.g. the Chinese Communist Party risk death or “re-education” camps, and have no other recourse.

    In a democracy, people can vote. They can pressure a party to push for their positions, and campaign for it. They can set up a new party (see the awful yet powerful impact of UKIP). They can sue the government and win (see Gina Miller). They have no excuse for causing deliberate harm to innocent people.

    Also, use your brain. Organizing a deliberately disruptive protest gives an excuse (and popular demand) to a less than democratic government to restrict all forms of protest.

  2. Even if your protest is absolutely right and good, you can't block motoways and highways: you put in danger thousands of drivers and you cause great damage to people who need to go to hospital, school, work, etc. There is no justification to put in danger people for your ideology. That's selfish indeed.

  3. Don't complain! Government did their best to insulate Britain!… By leaving EU!
    Tories deliver! Just omit the fact it's monkey's paw wish granting

  4. Sad to see this happening in the UK, becoming more and more the China of the west, total control of the people, limiting their rights, while politicians are having parties and booze behind closed doors.

  5. The right to demonstrate has been abused by certain groups yet the law does nothing. The general public and the laws of the land are ignored by minority interest groups while the police stand around. The courts have become an ally of this anarchy.
    I don't fear the government, I fear the fact that certain elements think they are above the law and don't care how their actions affect everyone else. They talk about freedom of speech yet only hear their own bleating and drown out anything they don't agree with.
    Anyone who passes that nonsense off as democracy and freedom is trying to fool you. Its the freedom to do what they tell you, what they want.