Clash with Imran Khan | GNN | 12 Oct 2021

Clash with Imran Khan | GNN | 12 Oct 2021

Clash with Imran Khan | GNN | 12 Oct 2021

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  1. Imran Bhai where it is written in the constitution that DG ISI will be appointed by PM no where it is written in constitution or in Army act .It is just a tradition .Only Arms forces chiefs and Joint Chief are appointed by the PM as per constitution .pl first read the Constitution and then speak .U were totally bsised towards Brig Farooq Hameed .Gen Faiz has completed the staff appointment and now he has command the Corps for next promotion .Minimum one year is compulsory for command pl

  2. اسلام علیکم سر ۔ پاکستانی سیاست کامیاب نہیں یہ لوگ مفاد پرست ہوتے ہیں اور ہیں عوام کو کیا ملتا ہے غربت بھوک بیروزگاری عوام ملتی ہے (عارف کراچی سے )

  3. It's better to shut your mouth. This is not the way you support the situation in favor of Imran. If not the whole Nation but let's say more than 60 70 % of the country was in a very shocking position. Imran is becoming over smart. Wait for little, you will soon see a very serious situation.

  4. عمران آپ کیوں برگیڈئیر صاحب کے پیچھے پڑ گئے ھو جیسے انہوں نے کیا ھو کچھ غلط۔ سادہ بات کی ھے انہوں نے کہ خبیث لوگ تو بک بک کر رھے ھیں انکا کام ھے انڈیا کی زبان بولنا آپ کیوں رگید رھے ھو۔ عجیب و غریب بندوں سے تبصرے کرا نے بیٹھ جاتے ھو۔ دونوں ادارے معزز ھیں اور ساری فوج معزز ھے۔ بھونخنے والوں کو بھونکنے دو۔ معززین کو کام کرنے دو۔ بلا لیتے ھو نانی کا دفاع کرنے والوں کو۔ جب حکومت نے واضح کر دیا کہ کوئی مسئلہ نہیں ھے فوج اور حکومت میں تو آپ آج کون سی چٹنی گھوٹنے بیٹھ گئے ھو۔

  5. Old habits die hard. Imran Khan has a habit of bypassing the selection committee and select his own player in cricket team. We need to wait and see if this trick will work against PAK army chief.

  6. Agr is k talukat itny hi achy hain to army j ka rahy hain is k abba G woh hi man jay page phut kleero leer hogya ha pak army ko ub dakhty hain kya krty hai NS ko to fora nikal daty thy ub nikalain to manain

  7. Extremely incapable government. They have the credit to create big problems in simple issues. Previously it was COAS appointment and now DG ISI……An egoistic stubborn person who cannot run his own govt, cannot control his ministers, cannot control economy, cannot bring any good change despite of huge claims b4 elections, wants to control the xtremely sensitive department. An idiot of high class. Previously sharifs and Zardari were corrupt and looters and now this idiot is in capable stubborn and cannot come out of his ego. What a pity for Pakistan.
    A good is happening to establishment because they brought him for sure by manipulating and than kept supporting him out of the way in past 3 years.

  8. اسلام وعلیکم بچپن سے سیاست دانوں کے جھوٹ سن رہئے ہیں کسی نے عوام کے بارےمیں کچھ نہیں سوچا یہ سب چور مداری ہیں یہ مسلمان ہیں تو سر پر قرآن رکھ چوری نہ کرنے وعدہ کریں اور عوام کا سوچیں

  9. Why is the civilian government obliged to declare again and again that the government and the Pak Army are on the same page? Note that Pak Navy and Air Forces do not get enmeshed in the country’s politics. Everyone in Pakistan and the world knows who the real boss is! The Pakistanis are so afraid to call the Army by its name, that they euphemistically call it the Establishment. Pakistanis are past masters in self-deception.

  10. That Brigadier on the show lamely tried to deflect the blame to Fawad Chaudhry (no great favorite of mine) and the Pak media. The villains are the Pak Army and the DGISPR. The latter had, procedurally, put the cart before the horse. The DGISPR announcement should have followed the PM Office notification, not preceded it. Can’t find fault with ImtheDim (no favorite of mine!)
    It is amusing to see all the guys on the show falling over each other to declare how proud they are of the Pak Army. All of them seem to have short memories of the military dictatorships and abrogation of the country’s constitution, and killing/exiling of the civilian leaders. A wag had said that the Pak Army had never won a war nor lost an election. So, in light of all this baggage, one wonders what are these guys proud of?

  11. Why are institutions in Porkistan highly personalized? The COAS is often given extension on the ground of delicate security situation. The DGISI was sought to be kept in place because of the Afghan situation. This doesn’t speak well of succession planning or the resilience of the Institution itself. What happens if, God forbid, something untoward happened to the incumbent?

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