How UK housing segregates residents

How UK housing segregates residents

New residential developments in the UK are often segregating people based on those who own their homes and those that live in social housing. Inequality is designed into the buildings themselves with poorer people having to use separate entrances, amenities and communal areas. Britain has a long history of class segregation, and the ‘poor door’ scenarios are a continuation of inequality being constructed into the urban landscape. Here’s why it is still happening

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  1. People can choose whether to buy or rent. Free choice on what kind of work and earnings you can achieve and the choices this gives you in life. You want to mess around, get no education or training, fair enough. Its going to limit those choices. Stop blaming everyone and everything else for how life turns out. Its not easy for anyone.

  2. I’m sorry but if you’re paying “top dollar” for a living space why should you be obligated to share an entrance with people who aren’t? It’s called ‘social housing’ it’s not supposed to be luxury.

    If that’s the case let’s get rid of the class system on plans.. ???? No I didn’t think so.

  3. One take: social housing should be done like in Vienna, where it's actually high-quality and residents actually get to customize their own flats. Oh, and it's actually affordable.

  4. Developers receive financial benefits from the government to build affordable housing. However, the individuals that make those benefits possible get to use the back door near the trash dumpsters. While the wealthy receive red carpet treatment. That’s elitist and predatory. In 2021 this is shameful.

  5. Very true, I know some one who lives in new posh built..lift won’t go above 7th floor, has all above private. special fobs for lift to go above 7th floor.. in lift you can fell that segregation

  6. Im confused about the message behind this reporting because surely if person A spends £2M on an apartment and person B spends zero £ on an apartment in the same building then why should person B be entitled to the same amenities as person A?

  7. well, you get what you pay for. I wouldn't mind using different entrance if I had a chance to buy a property that's actually affordable. Wealthy individuals contributed a lot more so they do deserve better facilities. That's just my opinion

  8. The separate doors is awful and completely pointless, but I fail to see what the problem is with the limited access to stuff like the football field and gyms. If you pay less for housing in a flat, of course you're not gonna get the gym membership etc. that someone who pays more would get—because the gym membership is included in the higher price tag.

  9. The view of the end result will defer across the board, no matter the variable or the subject of the matter. Because it's a fact, when more is given the bigger it'll get, and when given in small amounts, don't expect for much! That's the case across the entire spectrum!
    Whether it's business, infrastructure, politics, social structure, workplace ethics and standards, the population making up the society, developing a product or providing a service.

    For example, in a 5 star restaurant, the owner or the policy of the restaurant is to ensure appearance it as a very high standard, whether it's the staff, the interior, the food or the facilities. Whereas in a relatively cheap food business, such as KFC, cleanness, customer service standards, the food… It's not expected to have same standards as the five star restaurant!

  10. Private renter, walks through the front entrance of the building and proceeds to the hallway to enter the lift, to eventually reach home.
    Calls the "building maintenance " and reports the rubbish he saw by the lift, the brocken light in the hallway and the rubbish by the entrance.

    Social housing tenant, follows the same route to reach home. Switches on the tv, eats dinner and goes to bed!

  11. Anglo pagans' greed coming to bite its own rce now. They have been forcing minorities to live in ghttos and slve work but now their own rce is tasting some of it…lolss..I just love it!! Make it even more expensive and may you despair even more and eventually get liberated by Stalins liberators….or by Roman latino's soldiers…hahaha…

  12. It’s simple, they pay more. If you want something more, you pay for it. Don’t be so bitter about it. Plus, the social housing looks decent enough.