Mark Levin: The FBI is turning into the East German Stasi

Mark Levin: The FBI is turning into the East German Stasi

Fox News host blasts the DOJ weaponizing FBI to target parents challenging indoctrination on ‘Hannity’
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  1. SO ANY MATURE PERSON over the age of 50 and concerned about how their children are being treated
    are automatically characterized as domestic terrorists ?? biden justice dept made up of obama retreads
    emulating Germanys stasi ? too bad j EDGAR HOOVER IS NOT STILL ALIVE !!

  2. FOX "NEWS": STOP RECYCLING HAS-BEENS to tell and re-tell and RE-RE-TELL … "THE PROBLEM" .

    We KNOW "The Problem".

    ALL you're doing is offering COVER for The EVIL to win the day while TRYING to APPEAR to uncover "The PROBLEM" – yet AGAIN .

    Start reporting on SOLUTIONS , on what CAN be DONE , IS being DONE and that WE are DOING to STOP the EVIL you pretend to be "EXPOSING" to people who have heard the SAME "FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTORS" over and over and …. say the VERY SAME THING until their own PEDANTITRY ( ?!? ) starts sounding like a BRANDON News Conference .

  3. They are not turning into the weaponized state police, that has been their role for years reaching a peak during the Obama years, evidenced by their actions during the Trump years. They only go after and prosecute those who are enemies of the "establishment", being a somewhat prominent Democrat gives you a free pass from even being investigated, let alone prosecuted.

  4. some guy in Tennensee bought a used boat with money he made doing tractor work for his neighbors. And the Gov;t didn't get their cut, And they want to make an example and they need some victims. And their boats, RVs, planes, cars, trucks, guns, etc?.

  5. Follow the money. Who is paying these equity consultants? New cottage industry People can make 15x minimum wage training employees & students, First government and schools then force it upon the private sector if they don't submit., Force people to choose sides. Create problems where there were none before.

  6. The members of the FBI are Americans. Arn't they? Are they? Or are they just people who have no real belief in what America stands for, and keeping their jobs are more important to them. Given the un-American activities they're being asked to perform, and are in fact performing, athemselves

  7. The American Stasi has been around for a long time. Unfortunately they’ve only targeted people with little to no family and with other credibility problems. It’s called “gangstalking”. Some of us have been targeted for many years. It’s literally a no touch torture program designed to make you go insane, react out of anger and commit a crime or commit suicide.

  8. If they were really like the Stasi then Mark Levin would be in jail or dead by now along with everyone that works for Fox news. He's just another hysterical turd who knows nothing of history.

  9. Well that's just lovely! I was a free loving single parent of 2 happy highly intelligent 2 children when Reagan was in office and because a "target" of someone able to use the SDI satellites and technologies that are used in targeting people for one of those fn terror watchlist and so this is just another long time plan put into action or just being utilized by the Biden admen! This is just old cronyism that is ripping our rights away from us and it has been both left and RIGHT not just the left!!!

  10. Homeschooling is worth the loss of income. They'll get enough time with family and a better education. Team up with other homeschoolers if you need help. We switched only to let the kids get enough time with their father. There's reason enough. But there are hundreds more benefits large & small.