Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Oct. 12

Morning News NOW Full Broadcast - Oct. 12

Texas Gov. Abbott issues an order banning Covid vaccination mandates, the NFL responds to the resignation of the Raiders’ head coach and News Now celebrates a one year anniversary of highlights from the show. 

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  1. News flash, all you space trippers: we have been able to see the earth from space for several years, via satellite. The only difference being weightlessess and possibility of death going or coming.

  2. The vaccinated are safe right?? A booster shot for an acute viral disease is very strange. If this is a micell with mRNA vaccines then freezing temperatures are not needed. The vials are not dark and certainly sterile enough to inject right? Why are they freezing the vaccines??

  3. Nuclear power submarines ships and aircraft carriers are illegal because of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty enforcement. We have safer and more efficient powerplants as Edison generators and dynamos with inverters and transformers to deliver high voltage AC power continuous peak power without fuel or pollution. It is a violation of the people of the USA and our agreement with the USSR.

  4. California certified radiation safety and NIOSH certified industrial hygiene with water and waste treatment. Biotechnology equivalent MA Toxicology BS biology BA chemistry. Survivable industry.

  5. You know what, Jon Gruden speaks his mind, and at times may be offensive, HOWEVER I have never thought that he was racist, homophobic etc he screams at, clowns on EVERYBODY, He doesn't discriminate. Unfortunately, there are some people who don't monitor information that they send out, because historically they never needed to. But jocks and athletes seem to talk crap all the time. I don't think he should resign.

  6. I am not anti vaccine. I have all my other vaccines. I'm anti-brand new medication. I'm anti brand new medical devices. I'm anti brand new medical treatments. Basically if it's not tried and true I don't want it.

  7. Hey Keyshun Johnson what go around surely comes back around don't it.Gruden is lying he always had a smart mouth white people had this biggett thinking he was a genus not so and a racist is never a racist until they get caught this new tech world not only save black people being saved by the camera it exposes a lot of racists and remember the white man hares a black man more than anything or any human in the world and with good reason look at the black man he is a real man

  8. They can only go to low earth orbit. I don’t think they can see earth from there. We cant get off the earth. What can anyone see in 11 minutes? This is a joke…

  9. Maybe if everyone didnt allow the teachers unions to close the schools to their students and desert young people when they needed the security and consistency of their schools.


  10. \\-Non-scientist-ms+-Kurzgesact-books-not-only-affect-Teens-Becoming-Adults-but-reflect-Talent-Empty-German-universities-since-WW-II-and-GOV-TOO,-IF-INDEED-DRIFTED-ASTRAY-as-claimed-below-////

    On 18, or 21, YOU are trusted 'responsible adult' to vote on, say, Climate Change Agreements, where key actors are SUN & Stellar Winds, much less humanity, as we claim. ~hundred govs have thus by-passed exact sciences like:


    (2)   These include 19 ice-ages and endless, related, climate-biological changes.

    (3)   Thus a need arises to deal with quoted factual evidence within such sciences, namely

    (3.1) Outside majority VOTES of  
    (3.2)  Any Domestic Election,
                UN DICTUMS,
                  International agreements,                
                    PROFITING MEDIA,
                        ECONOMY, ETC.
    (3.3)  Needed co-trusting-acts to first account for
             19 ICE AGES.
    (3.4)  Well-recorded thermodynamic cycles of the sun and
              stellar winds vs. human dynamics, trends, etc.
    + Kindergarden level Animations, lack of references and sources, data-absent, no-structure, combined with a repeated tendency to destroy cities, countries, the moon, etc. by atom-bombs or black holes, caused me to post the question [on 'VACCINES']: ARE YOU A SCIENTIST? THE REPLY: 'SHE DOES NOT NEED TO. SHE CONSULTS SCIENTISTS.'

  11. All this money f highways & bridges? How many people qualify f positions to work on highways & bridges? Engineers, welders, etc? Heavy equipment? Not to say it isn't necessary but I can't see a big boom in the job market f highways & bridges. Some states need more repairs then others so job opportunities aren't equal.
    What happened to Biddens promise to give us $2,000? What happened to his promise to give 20% increase to all SS who have been on SS f over 20 years? Do any of these people in various financially controled groups and lower income have an opportunity to work on roads & bridges. Maybe qualified mechanical & technical.
    What about open border issues & people abused & losing their lives. Does Gov. care about Texas? What about Afghanistan, Russia, China issues? How much money did Gov pay f all the vaccines sent to other countries while we can't afford our prescriptions f essential meds here in America? Why bother to ask why Bidens poll # are dropping. The reasons have become endless. He's been helping the middle class as he needs their votes this time. 5.9% increase means noting. WHAT HAPPENED TO 6.2% AND RISING? Just a bit of catch up for years we rec'd none or just enough to cover Medicare increases again? 11 months still nothing iniated by Bidin? It's pathetic! SENIORS NEED $2,000. + plus $1,000. to help w prescriptions, glasses, dental & hearing aids. $300. a month f year + 20% increase f 20 yr. Soc.Sec. recipients. 1.3% was an insult! They could do better f citizens under $40,000.

  12. Good job Texas governor! The Vaccine rich company's and their lobbyist are trying dividing Americans in a cense of vaccinated or unvaccinated on free land like China Communist! Vaccine is good for underline health condition and stop blaming unvaccinated healthy Americans; you may blame your vaccine company because for they fail to make the vaccine capablity to protect any upcoming viruses than taking the freedom of others. I never heard in American by saying unless you vaccinated, you can't hired as a discrimination. The Civil right Attorneys must take to highest court to stop that can take's Americans freedom! All such big incedents in history costs poltucans in upcoming elections! In 1989 in Microbiology lesson it was simple cold virus! Why China or someone else kept in lab to make as danger for humans after 20 years? So many unknown part?

  13. \\-RE-VERIFIED-Full-Recovery-Failure-of-all-vaccines-v-Half-Yr-COVID-PULSE-Data-in-59-Nations-v-VIRUS-FREE-Plan-B-////
    Feb-22 Jun-7 Mid-Summer Oct-14-2021
    MEXICO 8.58 9.41 9.29 7.58
    SUDAN 6.75 7.47 7.52 7.54
    SYRIA 6.68 7.24 7.35 6.26
    EQDOR 5.26 4.81 4.74 6.41
    CHINA 5.17 5.09 5.05 4.81
    ELSLVDR 4.96 3.06 3.05 3.18
    BOLIV 4.56 3.88 3.82 3.73
    BULGR 4.15
    GRC 3.67 2.99 3.00 2.23
    HUNGRY 3.52 3.71 3.71 3.65
    ITLY 3.48 2.99 2.99 2.79
    TUNIS 3.48 3.67 3.63 3.53
    PERU 3.42 9.40 9.37 9.14
    GTMLA 3.41 3.17 3.10 2.43
    S-AFR 3.39 3.14 3.04
    AUSTRL 3.15 3.14 2.98 1.11
    UK 2.83 2.84 2.72 1.67
    GRMNY 2.65 2.42 2.44 2.19
    COLMB 2.59 2.60 2.52 2.55
    CANAD 2.58 1.85 1.86 1.70
    BELGUM 2.53 2.34 2.32 2.03
    ROMNIA 2.47 2.82 3.01 2.89
    BRAZIL 2.43 2.79 2.79 2.79
    ARGNT 2.43 2.06 2.10 2.19
    FRNC 2.38 1.93 1.92 1.66
    CHILI 2.24 2.11 2.08 2.26
    PHLP 2.11 1.66 1.74 1.49
    SPN 2.10 2.17 2.14 1.74
    SWDN 2.06 1.35 1.34 1.28
    RUSSIA 1.94 2.41 2.44 2.79
    PRTGL 1.89 2.00 1.96 1.68
    SWZRLND 1.80 1.55 1.55 1.31

    U.S. 1.69 1.79 1.80 1.62
    FINLD 1.48 1.03 1.03 0.75
    NL 1.44 1.07 1.05 0.90
    INDIA 1.11 1.21 1.31 1.33
    DNMRK 1.06 0.89 0.86 0.73
    VNZL 0.94 1.13 1.14 1.21
    ARUBA 0.86 0.97 0.96 1.09
    NORWY 0.75 0.62 0.61 0.45
    CUBA 0.74 0.68 0.69 0.86
    Bora-Bora 0.74 0.75 0.75 1.57
    ISRL 0.74 0.76 0.76 0.61
    CYPRS 0.67 0.68 0.50 0.47
    SRLNK 0.52 0.80 1.15 2.54
    ICLND 0.48 0.45 0.45 0.27
    SYCL 0.40 0.36 0.42 0.55
    MALAS 0.36 0.52 0.67 1.17
    BHRN 0.35 0.42 0.50 0.5
    TLND 0.35 0.68 0.78 1.03
    MLDV 0.33 0.26 0.29 0.28
    DUBAI 0.29 0.29 0.29 0.29
    St-VNC 0.26 0.59 0.54 0.93
    BHTN 0.12 0.06 0.05 0.11
    TIMOR 0.22 0.23 0.60
    NZ 0.97 0.95 0.59
    MONGL 0.10 0.47 0.47 0.45
    SNGPR 0.05 0.05 0 .06 0.14
    Sources: Thousands, highly dedicated hospitals, medical doctors, nurses, health workers
    in these59 listed nations listed reporting daily to JHU, WHO, etc.
    Our 2 yrs study has inter alia proved that case numbers per unit population,
    harbor no base in this science.

    SOME CITIES ARE ALREADY BEING PARTIALLY ABANDONED by epidemics, vs ACTUAL, LIFE-DILEMMA for non-enforced relocations, say on virus-free-linear-gov-highways-illustrated by our dozen-youtube-online-booklets and comments.

  14. THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN! Y’all keep ignoring the ENTIRE REPORT while y’all focus only on the 1 chart showing the amount of votes. Y’all ignore the next chart showing the amount of PROVEN FRAUD VOTES therefore of course y’all think Biden actually won! STOP LYING TO THESE PEOPLE! YOU ARE CREATING A NATION FULL OF IDIOTS!

  15. These
    “ they stole the election “ because states changed the rules from those established in the Constitution are absolutely full of BS. There are no said laws in the Constitution concerning how elections are to be held and how people can vote. That was left up to the states. It’s laughable that these same morons are constantly screaming
    “ states rights “. Because states have the right to update or change those rules. So in reality they have absolutely no proof of massive fraud. Just “ they changed the voting rules “. That’s proof of nothing!