Confusion over NATO's Russia stance as Biden celebrates one year in office | DW News

Confusion over NATO's Russia stance as Biden celebrates one year in office | DW News

US President Biden held a marathon two-hour press conference at the White House to mark his first year in office. He said what was uncomfortable and obvious: NATO is not always unified over what to do about Russia.

And he threw confusion on top of that by suggesting the US and its allies might react differently to a “minor incursion” into Ukraine by Russia as opposed to a full-scale military invasion. His press secretary has spent the past 24 hours explaining what her boss meant to say.

On this side of the Atlantic, it was clean up duty as well for US Secretary of State Blinken. In Berlin today, he once again reassured Kyiv and US allies in Europe that the US stance remains unchanged: Any Russian move against Ukraine will result in severe consequences.

00:00 Biden sows confusion over Russia stance
00:54 Blinken in Berlin for Ukraine talks
03:09 How united is the West?
06:35 How likely is an ‘accidental’ war at Russia’s borders?
09:21 One year Biden at White House


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  1. These folks seem like academics, I would give him an A because he beat Trump, what a joke. More that 65% disapproval and she gives a C, tells me all I want to hear.

  2. Like your channel, but this program is coming across woefully ill-informed on the state of America. People are tuning out of politics because they have zero influence on public policy. A major study from Stanford was released in 2014 that showed the bottom 80% of Americans have no influence on policy. Another study from the Rand Corp. showed that the top 1% has stolen over $50Trillion from the 99%. We are gouged on education, health care, housing, wages, etc. People don't know what to do. If this continues, it will not end well.

  3. We should not have to have the press clarify what the so called president is trying to say. We have a weak government and military. Russia knows this. Let’s go Brandon!!

  4. Take it from an American and not this paid propagandist, Joe Biden has been every bit the calamity that trump was minus the mean tweets. He gets an F- from the American people, hence his paltry 35% approval rating

  5. Americans see…election fraud, inflation, shortages, empty shelves at the grocery store, illegal immigrants, drugs, sexual offenders pouring into the country over the US border the cartels control. Americans left behind in Afghanistan Biden wasting billions of tax payer dollars They see gloom and doom but most of all, they see Biden putting America LAST.

  6. Don't send a weak number of troops if you're gonna put men on the ground, just declare at that point, I understand there will be a war just don't know when, if Russia causes a war and I think they will if provoked, but what is stopping Russia from doing this or being emboldened by his actions and take over more than just the Ukraine

  7. President Biden said on Saturday that if Russia or China were to make any aggressive moves on Taiwan or the Ukraine that they will be paying a very big price. (Hunter Biden later confirmed)

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