John Deere Is Facing a Farmer Revolt

John Deere Is Facing a Farmer Revolt

John Deere boasted record profits in 2021 and finally struck a deal with striking union workers. But now it has a bigger problem: farmers are revolting against restrictions on how they repair complex equipment.

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  1. I have a tractor. It's the orange one with the K on it. I didn't need a huge one just a small one for my needs however, knowing of the problem between the farmers and JD I chose not to support JD and made my decision. I do not regret it at all. Farmers, I am on your side.

  2. "You wouldn't want anybody………..(Fill in blank)…..but of course its not just anyone, its a guy who uses that machinery for a living , and, for the last 100 years, has been doing just fine with it.

  3. Imagine going 'back in time' 100 years…
    Show these behemoths to the old timers… the size, overtly complex, gps, monumental cost, yeild etc., then tell them 'were not allowed to fix it when it breaks'. SMH

  4. Risk of repairing your own tractor is if it breaks in the field you try to fix it break it worse then call a buddy that doesn’t work then you call the dealer

  5. Tractors don't drive down highways as often as airplanes fly in the sky. That argument is total BS. Why are cars allowed to be repaired by "less qualified" people? They spend their entire life on the highway travelling 10x faster than any tractor I have seen. Notice they have the CTO speaking to this. He is the lowest C Level authorized to speak for the company and can easily be fired if he slips up when speaking to media.

  6. The Right to Repair is essential for sustainability. The profit margins of collectives and Marxist unions is of no consequence. Going global liquidates a corporations leverage in the long run. Happy New Word disOrder! You will own nothing and you will not have a stake in the game. You will own nothing and you will care less about quality, and your own integrity. The Great Reset will lead to the end of value. The WEF will bury its own members wealth while it destroys justice and liberty everywhere.

  7. The sales man @14:00 is a pizza chit. Is just a diesel machine. Not a jet fuel engine.
    POS. Greedy corporate.
    Next time don't buy from them.
    Make sure of that before signing the purchase order.

  8. The most valuable commodity on the earth is not oil, or corn, or wheat. It is DATA. How ironic that bankers and hedge fund guys end up FIRST IN LINE to profit off a farmer's hard work by paying JD for access to the crop data so they can place bets in the futures markets. There really is a class of people who are always first to get paid, and it never is the guy toiling in the fields. The fight against right to repair is about protecting this inside profiteering scheme. The scheme only works if the data can be relied upon. And the data becomes less reliable when farmers go off-grid or third parties develop better, competing software to be installed on JD farm equipment.

  9. Just stop buying john deer.. if no one buys them. They'll be forced to change..
    Plenty of other companies out there that are 10 times better with way less problems..

  10. What happens after the piece of equipment is paid for? Owned by the farmer? He still don’t have the right to repair his own equipment or a 3rd party mechanic. That’s total bs. I know most makes of semi trucks doesn’t want anyone but their company mechanic in the software of the trucks. But after the warranty is up the owners have complete control of who repairs their truck.

  11. It’s a double edge sword, you want to be able to repair your own equipment to save time and money. The other side is the OEM does not want you in some systems because you can damage them unintentionally due to lake of knowledge of the systems or special tooling . Maybe they should set up training for the owners of the equipment as part of the sale so they can be certified by the OEM to work on there equipment. Now at least you have someone trained who can complete the repairs. I’m sure that in this industry you have specialized tooling that is required to complete repairs and if trained on proper use should be offered by the OEM for sale or as a rental for people who own that particular piece of equipment that the special tool applies to . Thats how we do it in our industry we also provide technical assistance in the troubleshooting and repair at no charge to our customers. Nothing worse then being told we can get you in the schedule in a couple of weeks 🙁 Thanks for the video

  12. The day will come when all farming equipment will be computerized and some maniacal world leader will demand a shutdown, to deliberately create a food shortage. We're practically there now.

  13. John deere is junk. I worked in farming and the woods since 1980. John deere is the worst machine ever. Deere john, can you pull me a bigger hitch. Trust me,their junk. A cat,farm all ,super c or international harvester are much more reliable, and produce enough to keep you fed and warm. You'll freeze and starve.

  14. 9:15 is when the important information starts. Everything before is rah rah john deere makes a lot of money. Its important that journalism isnt rewarded for bloating their videos for metrics it just causes information fatigue. A decent source of information that is cut and dry is [ louise rossman ]. Who is the front line man spearheading the right to repair.

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