Miranda Devine: 'Real corruption' going on with Biden family l Brian Kilmeade Show

Miranda Devine: 'Real corruption' going on with Biden family l Brian Kilmeade Show

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine joins ‘The Brian Kilmeade Show’ to discuss her new book, ‘Laptop from Hell: Hunter …


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  1. Watters what about this tort committed to me has not been compensated by law civility rendered rulings indicates parasite injected by Clinton I worked for Biden Cheney halves both speakers halves 5 Governors halves for me why incurable incurable epidemic insured by Virginia Ohio Alabama Florida Georgia halves for representation spreading I objected contrary to oaths issues unpaid debt to me mayor city council of roanoke halves for solicitation of opinions verses facts she he has not paid 2 other countries leaders named halves unpaid debt

  2. Parasite injected by William Clinton while employed by G H Bush Cheney secondary Putin's ussr 3rd party Assad's syria third party named halves specifically for both speakers halves. Unpaid

  3. Why put these mainstream news company in change of out country and why have them investigated authority of our investigated and why are waiting for the these outlets to tell the truth. The top is real, the red dragon in real, the AirForce 2 footage is real. The wide open borders is real, the 800,000 undocumented living in NY, is real, and so is The pushing though no voter ID for all undocumented living in New York law that was pushed through. These open boards are by Joe Joe Biden design to continue to steel the elections.

  4. Biden/Obama/Clintons/Bush. All making way for the downfall of America. Dont ignore Biblical prophecy. Unfortunately America didn't see the Reprieve God blessed us with when He allowed us to have a President like President Trump. Now we're back on the road to ruin. America is not in endtime prophecy but China, Russia, and the Middle East are. The Anti-Christian groups are rising up and gaining power. Thats the Left and Progressives.

  5. Sounds to me like Shitty Britches Joe Biden is a agent of Russia/China. A traitor of America. I knew it! Anyone else would be in prison!! And Big tech and MSM outlets know it. Joe Bidens policies are very similar to Xi Jinping. Joe and Hunter and Bidens have sold out America. Weaken America and Empower Russia and China

  6. All the loyal Americans want justice for our country and for Patriots. We love America and want and end to the corruption by democrats and republicans. We thank all loyal democrats and republicans who are assisting in MAGA.

  7. When will the Americans see what is right in front of them. Everyone should know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, if they listen to what their parent or parents taught them.

  8. They don't want touch the hunter story because it's not America first.
    All these officials in Washington knew all about it. They all need to be removed. Why should our tax dollars supportt this.

  9. well well now, looks to me as if biden and dems have gotten exactly what they deserve, he is a complete failure, everything joe biden of cameltoe harris touch goes to hell. they stole the election and now fate/karma is dealing them justice. this curse will not stop until they are completely crushed! good riddance MR MAGOO.

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