Model 3 Vs Model S Motor

Model 3 Vs Model S Motor

Tesla motors, named after the genius inventor Nikola Tesla, used his evergreen invention of induction motors in their EV line. Well, not until the model 3 came up with a superstar motor—the IPMsynRM. IPMsynRMs are proven to be the ultimate solution for EVs to achieve high-speed performance. So, let’s see how the versatile induction motors compete against the latest entry – IPMsynRM motors.

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  1. With a Keppe motor they would have even more efficiency. How does a Keppe motor works?

    Electric motors transform electric energy into mechanical energy, and electric generators do the opposite, i.e., transform mechanical energy into electric energy. The Keppe Motor comprises a motor feature (electricity being transformed into mechanical energy) and a generator feature (mechanical energy being transformed into electricity) in balance at the point of resonance of the system.

    System’s highest efficiency is reached when the resonance between the two components of action (motor feature) and complementation (generator feature) takes place. The resonant point of this system includes the electric power supply (domestic grid or battery) and the load on the shaft.

    The Keppe Motor contains a magnetic rotor with permanent magnets which rotates inside the stator coils. When the magnet is set in motion by the supply voltage applied to the coil (motor feature), it creates additional voltage in the coil terminals (generator feature), increasing the magnetic energy stored in it. This energy enters in resonance with the power grid’s energy through pulses of varying intervals determined by the Keppe Motor itself and this is the nature of its high efficiency. As consequence, one of the best advantages of the Keppe Motor is that it runs cold, which is an indication of its high efficiency and guarantee of durability.

    Nevertheless, for all this to occur, it is not enough to make a motor with a different design – you must also change the power supply, otherwise, resonance cannot be achieved.

    The best way to reach resonance is to let the motor interrupt its own power supply according to its own structure, without interfering with its operation. Because of that, the typical and necessary power supply of the Keppe Motor is PDC (Pulsed Direct Current), the only supply that allows the system to reach resonance. Depending on the motor design and parameters, such as wire gauge, presence or absence of an iron core, type of magnet, coil inductance, etc., the entire system will automatically search for its point of resonance for the load and voltage specified. At this point the electrical current decreases to the minimum necessary to perform the desired work. This minimum is always lower than that required by conventional direct or alternating current to perform the same task.

  2. PMSM are also used in Indian EV cars Like Tata vehicles known as Ziptron technology , while the old school Induction motors are used in Non Ziptron vehicles like Tigor EV with low power capcaity. The Innovation done in reluctance torque to support the motors performance is genius method , as in older generation motors the Reluctance torque used to fight against the torque produced by motors. By simply changing the angle of current;s orientation to the magnetic field , the reluctance will also support the motors performance by doing so.

  3. I think a disadvantage would be increased manufacturing cost due to complicated and proprietary carbon fiber compression winding and low repairability if the permanent magnets become demagnetized due to a defect in the cooling and due to their more complicated cooling. The advantages may still outweigh this downside though

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