The MAGIC Behind Disney Channel Original Movies

The MAGIC Behind Disney Channel Original Movies

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No matter which generation you are growing up in, Disney Channel always had a solid line up of Original Movies, or DCOMS, week after week that capture the imagination of so many people. Theres a big reason we remember them so fondly, and it proves Disney Channel knew what they were doing the whole time.

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  1. While not a DCOM, Disney channel's tv show "So Weird" was definitely my first foray into suspense and horror as a kid. While there were movies like Don't look under the bed that i loved, So weird is where i first heard about certain myths and legends. and i was super interested in the overarching plot of fiona's dad. still bummed it was able to be resolved properly.

  2. Yea Disney used to do everything right. How far they have fallen. The difference between the channel and the parks then and now makes me want to throw up in sadness.

  3. I Played in 1 Ep of Lizzie McGuire and I was a canceled character =( I was so hurt because I had big parts in that 1 episode. I played like a Secret Agent character hired by Jake Thomas * Matthew McGuire Hilary Duff Lizzie McGuire Adam Lamberg Gordo and Lalaine Miranda Sanchez to help sneak around the episode and mess with Kate * Ashlie Brillaut *. And that Episode is S1 EP24 titled Night of the Day of the Dead. I was supposed to play in 2 other different Episodes and Play in the movie where I reveal my face and say My final mission is complete and picked up by other Agents and a Helicopter and the whole group sits in shock and says he was a REAL AGENT this whole time… But if only that happened.

  4. So all in all Kids these days need DCom coming from a poor house hold only thing we had was cable d com open up a new world for me and it made me fall in love with Film

  5. Hopefully someone can help me with this one.

    Does anyone know the name of that one DCOM movie where a high school kid was making deals with a devil character and he became smart, popular, and got the girl? Last time I saw it was at a hotel in Orlando Florida in 2001. Twenty freakin years ago…..

  6. highschool musical is what got me into basketball
    luck of the irish helped me try to find appreciation in my own culture because i didn’t have a strong connection with it and it taught me the importance of it
    i always remember watching the kid in Smart House tear up as he watched old videos of him and his mom
    lemonade mouth was one of the first live action media about the found family concept i saw
    wendy wu homecoming warrior had its own wave of effect through my school as a kid and helped expose them to things they didn’t experience or even made fun of me for because they didn’t understand

  7. I looooved Zenon, Halloween Town and Smart House. While I generally hold a positive opinion about most DCOMs, High School Musical was one that I generally dislike because of my exposure to it was somewhat forced upon on by classmates in school who wouldn't stop playing the soundtrack.

  8. Having seen this video, I think it’s a shame that the Disney content over here was so limited around here, in those days.
    We got the big cinematic works, but the tv content arrived by the time I was well past the age it was aimed at.