Was 'Havana Syndrome' a case of mass hysteria? | DW News

Was 'Havana Syndrome' a case of mass hysteria? | DW News

It was a story straight out of a spy novel. A mysterious weapon used by hostile agents to target US diplomats around the world. A previously unknown technology in the hands of the enemies of the free world. It even has a name straight from the thriller section: ‘The Havana Syndrome.’
Back in 2016, US staff of the American embassy in Cuba started complaining of severe headaches, nausea and other symptoms after hearing high pitched sounds. An official report backed up reports of brain damage, possibly caused by a sonic weapon. The syndrome has been reported from various locations across the globe since then.
It’s become a political issue too. Politicians have pointed their finger at Russia as possibly being behind the attacks. Christopher Miller, the former Acting Defense Secretary under Donald Trump called the suspected directed energy attacks an ‘act of war.’
But now in the latest twist in this murky saga, a large scale CIA report into the Havana Syndrome reportedly says that those suffering from the condition were not targeted in a global campaign by a foreign power. In fact, it concluded that the vast majority of cases were the result of stress or other conventional medical explanations.

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DW News

DW News


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  1. This is actually quite hilarious, "there's something called physics". Somehow it doesn't surprise me that this kind of situation developed in the US, where common sense apparently started to evaporate many years ago.

  2. Psychologist saying “incompetence” is truly unprofessional.
    He is frustrated that no one consulted him, we need to be open in discussions regarding scientific topics.
    Rejecting all symptoms as hysteria is absurd. Some or most must have been hysteria.
    Even Hysteria is not something which means nothing, it caused distress to many and how much DALYs were lost, are we going to negate that?

    Sigmund Freud changed his line from a case of hysteria as it was an incredible phenomenon.

    All psychology – doesnt mean something just doesnt exist. Distress exist,

  3. This is a reflection of the insidious disease of victimhood when it spreads too far in progressive democracies. Any person with a perceived grievance, ailment, or misfortune will have it validated and affirmed by outrage and populist belief rather than science or evidence. And like any good perceived grievance in the woke era, there is a lawsuit demanding money attached to it. The US is especially vulnerable because of it's multi-cultural makeup, which leads to insecurity and conflict. The latest trend, heavily spurred by China's influence campaigns, is the notion of Asian oppression and discrimination caused by the pandemic. Every crime against an Asian is a hate crime. Every snub at the Oscars is systemic racism. Every joke or cultural reference that is not made by an Asian is offensive stereotyping. Any scrutiny of Chinese nationals with government ties is considered racial profiling. It is a type of mass psychogenic illness, a nocebo effect egged on by the power of suggestion.

  4. What happens, in medicine, if someone suspects a new syndrome? You look for other cases, ask other doctors to report related cases, study them properly, and come to a conclusion. Worth noting is that this is the CIA's report concluding Havana Syndrome isn't real, after extensive studies. These two "authors" made a conjecture, and happened to be proved correct, due to someone else's studies.

  5. some other possibilities occur to me: a communication system using some new EM process or spectrum (pulsed microwaves was mentioned) and/or navigation for same (guidance for drones, tracking local air traffic without detection)

  6. A lot of anti Americanism there it s so funny because people are hating in the us since YouTube surely with an I phone eating a big Mac before watching an American show produced by Netflix

  7. X-Files
    Working in the dark to manufacture "entitlement" to suck the joy out of humans is what qualifies as brilliance to the hostile evangelical vampires (greed) that rule US. The capitalist counting corpses are so very "desperate".

  8. No doubt there is people with symptoms associated to psychogenic illness, but the real victm is Cuba which was sanctioned by US gov. with draconian measures for something with not evidence at all.

  9. The victims' suffering and injuries are very real. The psychiatrists who make arbitrary conclusions without actually meeting with the victims and consulting experts from other fields, are irresponsible and actually cruel to the victims.

  10. Dr B you deserve a victory lap because a skeptical analysis should've been conducted. However, it's foolish to assume a political motive for very real symptoms felt. Isn't it possible that a high energy microwave or directed energy device can cause symptoms that are not measurable by the time they get to an mri?
    'We couldn't measure it so it's not there' is not a balanced view, it's dogmatic. They offically said the same thing about uaps until last year.

  11. "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay might be one of the Gold standard on such topics. Though it is more about, in most cases, the public at large. Not wrong analysis at a small scale. Similar pattern though.

  12. Yeah this is an example of how a whole nations government can persuade you into thinking that we didn't do this stuff in the cold war. Literally think of the technology that came from the cold war. What I'm typing on right now came from the cold war so in other words they're saying that we don't have the technology to manipulate the human nervous system such as the sun or cold weather does? Hmmm and now suddenly that this whole crisis with Ukraine is happening and the new CIA director meets with the russians and has a conversation with them about if they're the cause of Havana syndrome the whole of the headlines change? Sounds like wake up America! America is an illusion and will always be a front for a real communist dictatorship without a real democracy. Yeah like trump or biden is really gonna change what went down in the shadows. What the real point is is yes this is neurological and yes this is partly mass hysteria but you can also have mass hysteria with neurological conditions that all coexist with real legitimate forces of nature. One doesn't erase the other in every circumstance point blank! And to this guy who is using physics as a rebuttal for this whole debate the greatest of all astrophysicists literally do tell that there is much more than the physics and quantum mechanics than we can currently understand. David bohm for example pokes obvious wholes in the scientific reality relative to what scientists know as a whole when it pertains to the whole of the universe of possibilities using the implicate and explicate order example. This guy worked closely with the greats like einstein.

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