Are Ex Armed Forces Officers in Pak Politics Bad Omen for Services & Country?

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Are Ex Armed Forces Officers in Pak Politics Bad Omen for Services & Country? 1

An Officer and a Gentleman

An Armed Forces Officer is a gentleman, who is known for his Integrity, Truthfulness and Honesty. It is his responsibility to exhibit an honourable and gentlemanly conduct and behavior in all the situations and conditions. He is courageous to accept failure and reflects grace in saying “ I am sorry I made a mistake”. He is always determined to fight against all odds and takes pride for standing with right & causes of national interests. An Officer lives with the pride for serving the nation and when required, gives away the life.

The above is a brief reflection on an Armed Forces Officer; and this is what the Forces’s Academy endeavors to instill in the young vigilantes during the training and is reminded to all men during all stages of service.

Pakistan Politics is not a worth lesson for any student of morality and service to humanity or country. The politicians in Pakistan are exact opposite to all the attributes mentioned in the above brief for an armed forces officer. The participation of any Ex Armed Forces Officer in Pak Politics under the prevalent party structure is antonym to very training and expectation attributed to them during the service tenure.

Pakistan has seen four martial laws since independence and about half the duration has been under military regimes. The unfortunate reality is that the military involvement has been welcomed initially by the public in hope for cleaning the political stables; however, all the martial law regimes gave rise to favourite pawns. The civilian pygmies raised to political top positions were at best good hypocrites, ambitiously corrupt and hyenas by behavior. They without exception raised hierarchal political parties. The party members in all cadres were mostly associated as political businessmen. Politics has been the bread and butter for such class. The politics of ideology died long before first popular elections held in the country. All vested interests personnel became politicians from local government level to provincial and federal levels.

The Ex Servicemen of Pak Armed Forces joining such political bandwagon is directly in contrast with the ideals of service to Pakistan demanded from them while in uniform. Therefore, their involvement has drawn very negative sentiments from the competing rival faction actors, spewing venom against the person, service and resultantly to the very honour of the country. The era of social media takes such tirades on the doorsteps of ordinary countrymen, who lose the very trust on the identity and survival of the country. That’s “Bad Omen”.

The Ex Servicemen have been great strength for the country all over the world. However, our country Pakistan has been to various divergent paths and has different history. Our common man is shy of hard work and fair competition. Therefore, the very face of a loyal, truthful, honest, responsible and competent person shakes the very purpose of politics of vested interests.  We are a security state; therefore, the image of Pak Armed Forces needs to be fair and committed to the cause of protection of national frontiers. Let the dirty politics be handled by business men and vested interest groups in the profession of politics. It’s not suitable to the creed of an officer and a gentleman.

Written by Cdr (R) Muhammad Asif Raza PN. The above is his personal opinion and all the readers may agree or disagree. However, it is expected that views, comments, and suggestions will be expressed below.

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