The Universe: Wildest Weather Moments in the Cosmos (S2, E15) | Full Episode | History

The Universe: Wildest Weather Moments in the Cosmos (S2, E15) | Full Episode | History 1

Imagine a tornado so powerful, it can form a planet, or winds sweeping across a planet but blowing at 6,000 miles per hour! How about rain….made of iron? Find out more in Season 2, Episode 15, “Wildest Weather in the Cosmos.”


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  1. Just like absolutes when talking about the Egyptian Pyramids, they don't know for sure it's a scientific guess, if pyramids were for ppl or dead kings why hallways and corridors so small u can't stand up or lead to no where or explain how they were built,Because if you by the rate that they say they were built they couldn't be built in 20 or 30 years and then they can't explain why not just all square bricks the same size instead of around the world and doorways bricks cut in two different in the same shape but on opposite side of the door why not get all square they can't even explain it they barely want to say that the pyramid had a white coating on them or that the pyramids are eight sided and not four sided then they don't want to say they're black people which are the correct or the cash where the kings of Egypt they don't want to say Egyptians was so there are no absolutes they don't know it's all a scientific guess or an estimate or a theory play hypotenuse but they act like it's all absolutes.

  2. What if condensation and freezing on Neptune are driving the wind speeds by shrinking the planet rapidly enough to increase it's rotational speed? Or perhaps that already happened and the planet just has leftover energy?

    Or perhaps chemical reactions caused heavier compounds to precipitate down closer to the core and created the same effect? Maybe even a combination of the two factors. We need chemical tests on Neptune!

  3. now i'll know not to be afraid of hurricanes during hurricane season here on earth. these storms here on earth is like a piece of cake compared to those powerful, dangerous, toxic and deadly storms that's in the known universe.

  4. Neptune is SO beautiful. What an amazing, strange and distant Planet, out there perpetually spinning with thousand mile an hour winds in the near darkness! It's unfortunately way too far away for humans to visit, at least anytime soon. (Like, within my lifetime.)

    The New Horizons probe to Pluto, (and beyond,) is the fastest man-made object ever invented and it still took almost 9 years to cover the Earth-Neptune distance.

    It took 12 years for Voyager to reach Neptune, but the New Horizons spacecraft, (launched on Jan. 19, 2006,) covered the same distance in less than nine years.

    The probe had the highest launch velocity on its departure from Earth and was the first spacecraft to be launched into a direct solar escape trajectory.

    I don't even want to think about what accelerating to 36,400 miles per hour would do to our flimsy human physiology lol but, I suppose as long as I could still somehow survive the trip in decent enough shape to experience the fly-by, it would still be well worth it.

  5. "The source of the beauty of Venus is one of the most potent acids known to science. In other words, women are not from Venus."

    That actually sounds like an eerily accurate description of women; particularly those of the corrosive Western variety.

  6. I'm wondering if Jupiter is actually an early formed planet that hasn't calmed and condensed down yet, possibly still spinning and expanded from a cosmic impact? I watched something explaining a theory of how the Earth's moon formed, thats what makes me think of it.

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