True Monsters: Gods vs. Demons (S1, E3) | Full Episode

True Monsters: Gods vs. Demons (S1, E3) | Full Episode 1

Real monsters are behind our greatest legends. Greek and Norse mythologies are the source of epic tales of gods and monsters battling it out to rule the world. See more in Season 1, Episode 3, “Gods and Monsters.”


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“True Monsters” sorts the fiction from the often-muddled facts about the most terrifying monsters, awe-inspiring myths, and timeless legends in history. From monstrous creatures to wrathful gods, this series tells incredible stories that reveal surprising truths.

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  1. I really wish there was some way to tone down the background music and replace the narrator. It's just so loud and explosive and dynamic. I ŵas expecting a pleasant discussion by historians on mythology. Not this overly dramatic, in-your-face, action-packed deal. The narrator makes everything sound ridiculous, like I'm listening a movie trailer from the 90s.

  2. They say Athena takes her rage out on medusa because she cant punish another god. The very next story Zeus punished Prometheus for giving us fire. A god punished another god.

  3. These guys don't say anything correctly
    Mjölnir (myol-neer)
    Bear sarkers are the bear totem shirts not bear serkers
    Ragnarok (rag-nah-rock)
    I'm only 17 minutes in and I'm already so frustrated they are butchering my heritage as a descendant of danish vikings who knows about my family's history from the sagas of my people. It's in my DNA and I can truly say that these experts on what is said are as much an expert at my people's history as I am of string theory. I know the basics of it, but I can claim to be an expert by butchering the terminology. Got it

  4. There's one thing about Pandora's box that really confuses me they say she opened it and all of the bad things in the world were released and she closed it with only one thing remaining inside that being hope that wouldn't that mean the only thing that doesn't affect us humans is Hope because it never got out cuz it sounds like that story ends with the world hopeless

  5. loki represents satan yes there is a end time its among us when jesus returns theres a time coming when revelation armageddon comes its battle between good aand evil the evil will die and will resserect in the lake the of fire along with the devil and demons this story is about revelation

  6. when jesus comes the wicked will die by the brightness of his coming when jesus and his followers goes to heaven this world will b desolate for a 1000 yrs then after that the wicked will rise aand take on their punishment thrown in the lake of fire til they cease to exsist and become ashes

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