Biden's answer to inflation query sparks controversy | DW News

Biden's answer to inflation query sparks controversy | DW News

US President Joe Biden is feeling the heat from rising inflation – and it seems to have shortened his temper. Biden sarcastically lashed out at a news reporter who asked if rising prices were a political problem for him.


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  1. Biden's weak foreign policy against China, Russia and global terrorists:
    – The presence of one third of the Russian army on the border with Ukraine; Possibility? Biden boycotts Putin!
    Iraqi President Barham Saleh strongly condemned the rocket attack on the residence of the speaker of the Iraqi parliament, saying it was a "terrorist act" and said "such an attack is an attack on the national interests and the constitution of Iraq."
    Armed militants involved in the abduction of the security director of Baghdad International Airport!
    Iraq has witnessed assassinations and kidnappings of individuals and political and security figures for many years, and most assassinations and kidnappings are carried out by armed militias affiliated with the Iranian regime.
    In the 2019 protests, dozens of Iraqi political activists were killed or mysteriously abducted by Iran-affiliated militias.
    The families of many of the abductees say that more than two years after the protests, they still do not know the fate of their children.

  2. This shows how calm the dude really is. If this is a newsworthy outburst compared to his regular self, he must be the calmest person ever

  3. Embarrassing to see people defend Biden over such an obvious Irational outburst. Even more so when many of the same people crucified Trump for similar rude behavior. A bag of trash would be a better leader than Trump.. Anyone would be better than Trump.. That is an extremely low bar to aim for. Biden is just a career politician with some sort of cognitive issue.. Trump shouldn't be president but honestly, is there no one better in the entire US than Biden?

  4. If US mind their own business then they can focus on inflation, equality, racist, police abuse of power and crimes. However, US is playing the House of Cards, wants Europe disagreement, Asia countries fighting China, so US can benefit from selling weapons to the world and selling oil and gas to Europe. It's a business decision for the US. I am not sure if they really care about people's lives.

  5. Thumbs up to the Canadian govt standing its ground on vaccination for cross border truck drivers. Canadian vaccination rate of around 80% speaks about what Canadians think what is important. That's always different views (including vaccinations) on anything which is fine, but if you want to enter Canada, safety is more important to Canadians.

  6. You are getting into this nonsense. You are better than DW. I know that for a fact.

    I guess its a test.

    Don't let them use you next just because I said I think you are better than me. There is nothing they can do to me.

    This is called GOSSIP, not news.
    My case is NEWS!

  7. It's not Biden's fault. Inflation is widespread across nations now and the only solution is to realize that cash as a whole is thrash, the earlier we all do this, the better for us all. I'll suggest crypto as the only buffer I know but real question is this; is there even any other relatively easy and inflation resistant to make, keep/hold money??

  8. Meh. Don’t see this as a big issue. If the right complains about this, the left will throw Trump quotes at them. And I doubt many on the left will make a fuss considering the reporter wasn’t well-liked by the lefties.
    It’s worth a chuckle whether you agree with Biden or not and that’s it. Won’t be the last hot mic moment by this president or the next.

  9. Ha! Are you guys kidding?

    This is the only thing President Brandon has done well all year.

    He’s not fit for office, but insulting the US press can only increase his approval.

  10. Biden asked question about inflation. His reply : What inflation. He doesn’t see it.
    Next question : how much has beef gone up Mr.President. Answer: shoot I dont know how much it has gone up. All my food is free.
    Next question: What about the supply chain? Answer: I don’t know anyone named the supply chain. The closest I can come to that answer is Corn Pop named after the Kelloggs cereal. So I don’t know about cereal prices, or gasoline, beef, daily staples we use. Look all my things are free and you’re paying for it. And most of all I am not supposed to be answering questions unless they are prearranged with reporters and staff. Ok thank you folks It’s nap time and then ice cream when I wake up from my afternoon nap.