Exclusive Interview of Dr Arif Alvi – Ehtesaab with Imran Khan – #SAMAATV – 10 Dec 2021

Exclusive Interview of Dr Arif Alvi - Ehtesaab with Imran Khan - #SAMAATV - 10 Dec 2021

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President Alvi: Told Imran dead bodies weaken state’s writ
Ehtesaab proved tougher but could help win elections again

President Arif Alvi has urged the chief justice of Pakistan to speed up corruption cases in the country as he called for stronger prosecution and putting the burden of proof on the accused.

Speaking to Imran Riaz Khan on SAMAA TV’s show Ehtesaab, the president also revealed that during the October standoff with the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) he told Prime Minister Imran Khan that the state writ will weakens if there were dead bodies.

The interview largely focused on the PTI’s calls for accountability and President Alvi admitted that ehtesaab or accountability proved tougher than what the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had expected.

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  1. It is the demand of justice that those who break the law should be punished. Our president, otherwise a very capable person, contradicts Imran Khan who believes in the law and justice for all. Punishing anarchists and violent protestors who challenge the state will strengthen the state. This is logical, commonsense, and lessons of history say that leniency can finish a state.

  2. Talking about EHTESAAB in the absence of EFFECTIVE JUDICIARY and LAW ENFORCEMENT is an all times JOKE. The President and Prime Minister of Pakistan MUST make it clear to the People of Pakistan —- WHO IS CONTROLLING and RUNNING Pakistan ? Effectve use of ROPE (for hangment) and PRISONS would Eradicate all the Corruption and Crimes Forever from Pakistan. These are the front end essential things to make Pakistan on the model of RIASAT MADINA.

  3. Mohammad Ali Jinnah's Slogan —- " UNITY FAITH DISCIPLINE " Does this exists and practiced in Pakistan ? Get the answer of this question from the Leaders of Pakistan. DO UNTO OTHERS AND RUN —- This is the way of Life in the Pakistan Political System with the Law of Jungle. What is the Capital of Pakistan — ISLAMABAD or LONDON. According to the public survey it is LONDON

  4. When the Corruption and Crimes are embedded in Pakistan Courts and Law Enforcement Agencies — People are left with ZERO HOPE for their Safety and Protection. Pakistan shoud sign a contract to hire qualified Chinese and Saudi Arab people to manage and operate the Pakistan Judiciary and Law Enforcement system for One Year as minimum — all Corruption and Crimes would get eradicated FOREVER.

  5. If the Courts and Law Enforcement Agencies cannot provide necessary and essential support to the EXECUTIVE Branch of Pakistan government then —- The President and Prime Minister cannot perform their jobs responsibilities efficiently and effectively . This is where the Establishment should come into play and help the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative Branches put the country's overall system in order. Corruption and crimes are like CANCER that can destroy a country.

  6. DON'T blame Nawaz Sharif —Blame the People who are managing and operating the Pakistan Judiciary and Law Enforcement system. Fooling and hurting the innocent people of Pakistan MUST STOP immediately. Nawaz Sharif is a LION and he knows Pakistan is a JUNGLE and he is the KING of this Jungle.

  7. The Pakistan Leadership — Stop telling historic Stories and continue living in the PAST. People are tired of listening to the ' Blame games ". Be pragmatic men and perform your job responsibilities by functioning as the 5th generation leaders/managers. The Prophets have done their jobs with best performance and great results.

  8. This is the beginning of the NEW YEAR 2022 bringing the last opportunity for many countries to CLEAN UP and IMPROVE their WORKS to put their countries in Positive ORDER— Pakistan MUST get out of doing the business in the same OLD and USELESS ways and replace them with the 5th generation Methods , Procedures and Practices to effectively move the country in the positive and gainful status to face and handle the challenges of the world. The Old, Stale and Useless Politicians do not have the SKAs in this matter

  9. New Presidential Political system and government should be established and implemented as soon as possible by ELIMINATING all Political Parties FOREVER and making them HISTORY and as well as getting RID of OLD FAR*S worthless politicians and bring young hard working and sincere people with high SKAs and high moral and ethical values. Establishment dedicated support is necessary for the needed TIME PERIOD to make this happen

  10. The easy going Job Postion in Pakistan Parliamentary government system where life is taken easy is —- The President of Pakistan (not pointing at any particular President). This job position is very critical and important for any country and serve as the backbone for the Prime Minister /Head of the country. For how long Pakistan should continue to have their Masters prescribed and imposed Parliamenary government system —- Abolish it forever with the Presidential government System as the Pakistan's Permanent political system.

  11. Scientists, Engineers and Technocrats provide SOLUTUONS to the PROBLEMS. Most POLITICIANS do nothing to solve the PROBLEMS except doing LIPS SERVICE and fooling the people by frequently using the words " Hona Chahiyay "

  12. Under the tough economical crisis in Pakistan it is Time to make a LEAN and MEAN Presidential Government System at HALF the COST/EXPENSES compared to the failed and sluggish Parliamentary Government System. Don't wait until the locust wipe out the entire fields of Pakistan. WAKE UP and GET into ACTION to make GOOD THINGS HAPPEN in Pakistan

  13. The Corrupt Politicians and Bureaucrats are like the " UNTOUCHABLES" in the Hindu Religion. Effective use of ROPE (for hanging of murderers) and PRISONS is the ONLY WAY to eradicate Corruption and Crimes in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. GO FOR IT

  14. Imran Khan Bhai you are great man — Patriotic, sincere, honest with ethical and moral values, and hard working (similarly like PM Imran Khan). You did a great interview where you did not get the proper, meaningful and satisfactory answers to your queries —- but you did get ambigous statements and funny laughs. The people of Pakistan demand better response from the President of Pakistan (whoever is that person)

  15. Pakistan MUST as soon as possible develop and implement PRESIDENTIAL Government system and a PRESIDENT with impeccable ethical and moral values and personality, excellent SKAs, super intelligent , energetic and hard working who means SERIOUS BUSINESS with No NONSENSE in the performance of his roles, functions and duties responsibilites and also fluent in communicating in English language to efficient and effective communicate with international dignities and entities. Develop the SKAs for this Job Position

  16. There are many super intelligent and brilliant Pakistanis in Pakistan and overseas who can change the DESTINY of Pakistan with their superb works and place it into the groups of world advanced nations.

  17. President Musharraf had to face the toughest time and environments facing international matters and he survived but he FAILED to manage and run the domestic affairs due to his SERIOUS mistake of inductiing unqualified and untrustworthy people in his Cabinet. PM Imran is doing excellent job in the areas of international Affairs but he has repeated (carbon copy) the same MISTAKE what Musharraf made in terms of domestic affairs which would cost him heavy price. Parliamentary government system has put Pakistan at the borderline for irreversable serious damages to its geoeconomy and infrastructure. Abolish it as soon as possible. Hire consultants to develop Plans, Procedures and SKAs to develop and implement the 5th generation PRESIDENTIAL Government System in Pakistan

  18. Aoa, Imran Riyaz Khan you want PM Imran Khan replace Mr Buzdar. But just think if this man is replaced by a man like Murad Ali Shah or Murad Ali Shah inperson what would be the impact of this change on PM Imran Khan day to day life. Try to understand it. WS AR FRCS Loñdon

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