France imposes new COVID travel restrictions on U.K.

France imposes new COVID travel restrictions on U.K.

Cases of COVID-19 are skyrocketing in the U.K. More than 78,000 people tested positive for the virus Wednesday, the highest number of daily cases recorded in Britain since the start of the pandemic. Health officials fear the record could be a sign of things to come. In response, France is instituting new travel restrictions on the U.K. CBS News foreign correspondent Holly Williams has more from London on Britain’s vaccination campaign, and CBS News’ Elaine Cobbe spoke with Elise Preston about what the new restrictions could mean for the French economy ahead of the holidays.

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  2. Ignorance abounds in the UK . This report did not have any concrete information. A virus that was reported in Africa does not mean it originated there.They reported the discovery, they did the research. God save us from government.

  3. Well it’s time to shut the world down again because a virus has infected more people. The dumbest thing we could ever do is continuing to keep the world shut down and restricted which is going to cause the economy to falter even more. Prepare for more supply shortages because the government wants that.

    All over a virus that’s mostly harmless to the average person. The death rate is very low but keep listening to the government telling us otherwise! Pretty much everyone I see in the hospital with COVID are obese or have health issues already, with most of them recovering either way. And no matter how many vaccines you get, COVID will hit you. Your body will ultimately decide what happens. You’ll most likely survive easily without much problem, if you even notice you have COVID. It’s ridiculous we even shut down the world over such a virus.

    By shutting the world down, we caused far more damage than the virus would ever cause. And the thing is people will still get COVID and some will die no matter if you keep everything open or people locked in their houses. It’s a joke to say the least

  4. The true figure is significantly greater than 78k. That’s the official figure of the people who tested and results were positive. Remember in Europe their stats are drawn from a much reduced testing scenario hence their confirmed cases are much lower. Do not lull yourself to believe that it is not as rife in Europe. For a more revealing statistic look at the Serious condition numbers as shown by Covid Worldometer. That is where you will see a better comparison. This is where hospital ICU are struggling throughout Europe including UK

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  6. 94,000 new cases recorded in the UK today (Friday) from Thursday. People here now are genuinely frightened. The vax is having zero effect. If the cases are doubling every two days, we could have a million new cases by Christmas Day. Even with a 0.2% mortality rate, that would mean 150,000 per week.