Kyrie needs to return in the next month for the Nets to be favorites – Stephen A. | NBA Countdown

Kyrie needs to return in the next month for the Nets to be favorites - Stephen A. | NBA Countdown

Stephen A. Smith, Michael Wilbon, Jalen Rose and Mike Greenberg discuss the impact Kyrie Irving would have should he return to the Brooklyn Nets.

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  1. we need more Michael Wilbon he's so smart, well spoken and funny. There is no reason we get Stephen A screaming all the time, being the shock jock of the sports world who is almost always wrong about everything, and Wilbon with all his class hasn't been elevated at the network for years. Stephen A alone made first take the least watched show on ESPN. I say put Wilbon and whoever he chooses in the first take slot and use Stephen A like Jim Rome and let him be loud and cause controversy on his own little show by himself

  2. Welp, you could say that. You could also say other stuff, like unconstitutional mandates are ruining your paycheck. You could say Kyrie Irving should be kicked off the team for refusing to play PG. You could say that. You could say Kevin Durant is #7 on your all time player list. Anything else? James Harden? James Harden likes donuts. Steph Curry giggles loudly. Michael Jordan runs the Bulls. You could say that

  3. Vaccinated Players are getting covid left and right and it’s time to admit this scamdemic isn’t going to end unless we end it. Definitely can’t blame it on kyrie and it’s time to stop the foolish mandates as they are ineffective and reflective of a low IQ in a sustenance of a deceptive knowledge from sources where there is no IQ MANDATE OR REQUIREMENT and they are using the dumbest masses to destroy society in fear

  4. Don't need to be "favorites" by anyone's standards. They will be great if they want to be. Kyrie will play if he is willing and can/allowed to play. Come up with a different topic/story to discuss.

  5. Why does Stephen A think it's just that easy now for Kyrie to show up and all is good? The team has built a chemistry with out him and now people have to step back and alter their roles to Kyrie? It's not going to be that easy for Kyrie to show up and just start playing. His teammates and organization has something to say about his intentions and credibility to be trusted not to leave again.