Afghanistan is facing a severe hunger crisis | DW News

Afghanistan is facing a severe hunger crisis | DW News

Children in particular are suffering from the looming famine in Afghanistan – the result of a recent drought and the withdrawal of international aid organisations after the Taliban regained control of the country. Across the country, it is almost impossible for people to find work. Much of the population has been forced to sell their most necessary possessions to support their families, and often this is no longer possible. The children’s wards in every hospital throughout the country are overcrowded. David Beasley, executive director for the UN’s World Food Programme, told DW that “the number of people that are knocking on starvation’s door is 23 million people out of 40 million people.”


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DW News

DW News


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  1. Providing humanitarian aid will only secure the rule of the taliban regime. The taliban wanted to rule the country so let them sort out their problems on their own. Allah will surely help them XD

  2. Dw is so biased failed to mention india role in helping Afghanistan today india has sent 4th delivery of essential medicines.. anything bad and deterorratory statements about India they would love to jump in and blame and shame india..

  3. यही निज़ाम ए मुस्तफ़ा है। यह तब होता है जब कोई 'अल्लाह' और 'मुहम्मद' नामक शैतानी शैतानों का आँख बंद करके अनुसरण करता है

  4. The lack of views and comments highlights how people are just done with Afghanistan right now. 20 years, 3 trillion dollars, investments in education, infrastructure, social and economic stuff, educating and hiring women in the workplace… all down the drain in under 10 days because the afghan people welcomed a terrorist organisation with open arms! Absolutely nothing justifies what they chose to do! This why people are done with this.

  5. 3:20 "Often they're back within a few months"?? In a crisis that started
    3 months ago? So the same children going in and out. Well I guess
    that's a good sign. 3:52 Well it was always aid dependent. Thomas West's
    statement that the IEA had 'been warned' that if they had a military
    take-over, the aid would stop is UTTER RUBBISH! It WAS NOT a military
    take-over! As Hamid Karzai states, he REQUESTED the IEA to enter Kabul,
    as the former security forces had fled their positions and Kabulians
    feared the worst from the criminal elements. At first the IEA refused,
    stating that they would not enter prior to negotiations, but then agreed
    to enter to maintain the abandonned security positions. There was NO
    'military' take-over. It was a negotiated take-over according to the
    Doha agreement. The cutting of the aid, the application of the sanctions
    and the freezing of the assets of the people of Afghanistan were all
    COMPLETELY ILLEGAL! They could have elected to stop the aid and to apply
    sanctions, but the freezing of the assets of the people is HIGHLY
    unacceptable! That's just PURE THEFT! 4:03 A figure which was FINELY
    calculated by the U. S. and the U. N. BEFORE the sanctions were put in
    place and the assets frozen! A CLOSELY CALCULATED genocide! 5:17 Well;
    "the innocent victims" of economic genocide. 5:28 There is NO 'taliban'.
    Only the IEA Armed Forces. 5:41 They NEVER "came into government". They
    arrived in Kabul to unmanned security positions and a power vacuum, at
    the REQUEST of Hamid Karzai. 5:53 So WHEN will the 'so called'
    International Community, which everyone calls "the Americans", figure a
    path 'forward'? When 23 million have died? And what IS "the path
    forward"? To trade the Afghan resources with China? Isn't that what
    happened with Tibet? 6:40 The billionaires are too busy investing in the
    'longevity' AI research. I guess they're not gonna delay their living
    forever to prevent children from dying. 7:02 Well yes their net worths
    increased. Because the Covid vaccine research BROKE the brick wall that
    the nanotech research had hit.

  6. Dang some of these comments are brutal. I really wonder how they would hold up growing up in a country full of conflict and poverty. My boyfriend is from Afghanistan and I admire the grit what his family and he went through to escape such a terrible environment. Today he is an senior engineer where I work and he inspires me everyday to be a proud American.

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