US sanctions against Russia: What's at stake for Putin? | DW News

US sanctions against Russia: What's at stake for Putin? | DW News

The Biden administration’s plans for sanctioning Russia if it invades Ukraine again are taking shape.
US institutions would be prohibited from dealing with major Russian banks and state companies, according to media reports. The Biden administration is also considering banning trading in Russia’s government debt and blocking the export of key items like microelectronics. President Biden has promised ‘severe’ economic consequences for Russia and President Vladimir Putin personally in the case of an invasion.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. The West loses to absolutely all countries in wars, economics, politics, and so on.
    The EU is on the path to the complete destruction of its economy by the sanctions of the "coronavirus" against its own population.
    Economic recession due to the occupation by Madame Merkel's guests of vast territories or countries like Sweden. This fool is not enough. Demands that the US economic war be justified by the next sanctions with the Kremlin. They don't even understand what they're talking about.
    Whatever happens on the territory of the former USSR, this is not an excuse to make a couple of hundred million more people, primarily the EU, poor. Lose Russia a large market that needs Western technology from the ambitions of charlatans.
    The media have replaced their "target" of President Trump with President Putin. Every little poop in the media tells us what Putin thinks and how to "punish" him. Crazy.
    Financing the manufacture of nuclear weapons for Iran Obama-Biden irony of fate – a headache for the Kremlin too. Israel is good – their government shares chairs and privileges day and night.

  2. Russia was subject to US sanctions and they did not talk to Putin, they only used him as an excuse for the arms industry to make more money. Now Putin is forcing the United States to talk to him and possibly ease the sanctions.

  3. I remember the US talking Russia out of selling nuclear sub to iran. I wonder if we convince Russia not to sell again would they listen. Most likely not. They don't feel secure. The can make us feel not so secure either. Or maybe just pull out of nuclear-proliferation treaty and just sell technology to whoever. Doomsday clock is ticking again. The sad part is we could have stopped it. Can you say WWIII?

  4. Sanctions will hurt Russian and European economies equally. If anything, sanctions will create a rift between the United States and Europe in the long term. Once Europeans suffer economically, they will not be happy. The United States will not do much to offset the impact of these sanctions on Europeans.

  5. How in the world, in the year 2022 can one man take a country into a war killing thousands. We are all insane. Putin should be cast into the Siberia by his people. It will not be his sons and daughters coming home in body bags, this is crazy. Get a new leader , one that cares about your children…..My opinion.
    Ego and Power has destroyed many a country. Do not place more value on your Ego than you do your children. It is not worth it.

  6. No, sanctions will not stop Putin Russia from invading Ukraine.

    The pros for invading Ukraine is more than the cons. The benefits of owning Ukraine is more than the loss from the sanctions.

  7. I would point out that it is the US/UK that are gun-running into the former Ukraine, they are the criminals that created this mess, but it is the Ukrainian people that will pay the price!
    Putin has as yet done nothing!

  8. Contra a russia? A KGB está cagando para os russos e a russia. Agora, meta sanções no dinheiro roubado por putin e outros figurões mafiosos guardados em contas secretas na suiça e outros "paraísos fiscais" e você vai ver o efeito.

  9. Obama gave Russia Crimea. Hillary paid Russia to interfere with our election. Biden using Russia to distract America from what a mess they are making of our country…..see the pattern?………..

  10. Biden keeps talking about sanctions on Russia. US sanctions has not brought down N.korea, Iran or Cuba. Sanctions are not likely to affect Russia much in the long term. They will learn to adjust. If Mr Biden is very serious about punishing Russia over Ukraine, he should include an option to launch punitive air strikes on Russian military assets . That is, declare a war on Russia and let's see where it will lead the world to. All this talk about sanctions is a very weak response and shows that US is afraid to go down the lane of air strikes because the out come will bring catastrophe to the entire humanity (including US) all for the sake of Ukraine. Mr Biden should control his hatred for Mr Putin. He should acknowledge that Russia has legitimate rights in Ukraine.

  11. your joking look resources they have they can buy and sell all of europe this what its all about that and new artic sea lane put your cell phone away do some real investigation, half of germany s top techs live in german quarters of moscow , dare ukraine lobe missle , cant get better shot only 300 miles easy do it get it on and over with , russia russia russia ,lol sick

  12. I'm Russian. I feel sorry for President Putin.he is constantly bullied.journalists. They invent about Putin almost every week or month, Putin has lifted Russia from its knees. raised the standard of living and restored the economy after the Yeltsin devastation.the West plundered Russia and destroyed the country under Yeltsin , calling it democracy …Putin did not give the opportunity to destroy the country ..And now they call him a Dictator, accusing Putin and Russia "of all sins…your policies.and the media Without honor. Without conscience. liars .and cheaters .corrupt people .

  13. Russia will sanction Biden's son. Dig deep for corruption in ukraine.
    Russia think tanks have already factored sanctions into the equation. Usa and EU are so predictable with feeble options. Already other countries are decoupling to avoid sanctions. Good bye Swift. Better options exists and Swift will swiftly vanish with the USD.

  14. There is nothing at stake for Russia sanctions are not going to work.China and Russia are working together they are in the process of another type of monetary system that will make the dollar worthless we will be the ones in trouble.

  15. As usual The US is trying to hype the tension. This is a border dispute and ongoing for years. Russia is simply asking for an election in a suburban place in Ukraine which is pro- Russia but Ukraine continuously rejected it. Now it's paying the price.

  16. shell, as they worked in russia, they still work, and BP. and payments are accepted by cards. just someone wants to shout loudly, wait until everyone runs away, and skim cream.

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