Fact check: Does the omicron variant reduce vaccine efficacy? | DW News

Fact check: Does the omicron variant reduce vaccine efficacy? | DW News

Omicron numbers are continuing to rise across the globe and so are the claims that it is harmless. But is it actually less deadly? And how effective are COVID vaccines against this variant?

Key sources:
https://population.un.org/wpp/Graphs/1_Demographic%20Profiles/South%20Africa.pdf (page 4)

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  1. I think everything you saying is illogical. You give the discussion point and prove the opposite of what you are saying. I listened to the whole thing. If the virus is different, and can’t be seen by the gene therapy then how does it help? If the initial studies of the small test group that were off not significant size showed a positive correlation, where are the new studies from Africa now it has gone through the population? The death toll in Africa even when age adjusted is lower than the others covid strains. You need a scientist or a statistician on your team to read through the data and explain it to you.

  2. With this poorly communicated and confusingly presented, supposed "Fact Check" report, DW news is only adding to the existing mistrust of credible sources and information.

    Branding a claim FALSE and then confusingly trying to explain why it isn't, doesn't make a good educational format.
    At several points during this video I was confused as to whether you were explaining these false claims or countering them!

    Instead, a better way to counter misinformation is by regularly and actively, providing and promoting clearly explained, accurate Covid-19 information, as (for the example) the BBC have been doing on their news app.

  3. Put "fact check" on the title of anything and you will get plenty of dislikes, even hate, on YouTube. People don't want facts. If they did they would not try to find it on YouTube.

  4. 1st they were claiming that vaccine is for not getting infected now they say its for not getting serous illness. 2 shot were enough but now we need 3 shots so previous studies of 2 shots or effectiveness is false and why nobody is talking about that? these studies failed? like seriously what's going on. I was not against vaccination and I had 2 shot which is am fully vaccinated by previous standard but now I need booster to consider fully vaccinated and now I am seriously doubting the whole thing. I don't want be on subscription of vaccine.

  5. Holy Book: Creator will Create a ReNewed Earth for Believers.  
    Holy Book: First, Creator allows Planet Earth to be destroyed by politicians, military, etc.    
    Some say, NOW, is that Time.  
    Some say, Rapture of Born-again, First.

  6. I'm blessed to be vaccinated as I just recovered from COV in 7 day without severity symptom. My mom full vaccinated with booster 65 this year is lucky enough to recover from COV just 3 days. I think is better get vaccination least reduce the severity symptom like pneumonia as may damage your lung or worse…

  7. Fact check: If the unvaccinated get vaccinated to protect the vaccinated, then who is going to protect the formerly unvaccinated after they get vaccinated and become part of the protected vaccinated? 

    I think we need a new vaccine to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated after they become vaccinated, thereby making the vaccinated the new unvaccinated class in need of a vaccine passport to show while they were unvaccinated, they are now vaccinated and therefore in need of a vaccine to further protect the vaccinated from the vaccinated.

  8. The title of this video is already wrongly put. Vaccine is supposed to suppressed the virus. So how can one asked if a virus reduce vaccine efficacy ?? The correct expression to the video is; Is the vaccine effective against the Omicron which they put in their presentation. Which most don't even bother to read.

  9. Weaker virus mutations are good news despite an ever evil God. No one is blessed with a lesser suffering since God is supposed to be perfect. Thus the responsibility of anything bad is God they are told to worship etc.

  10. Denmark virology institute :

    Virus, no longer deemed a critical threat to society.

    No longer a legal obligation to self-isolate if positive

    Tyra Grove Krause, director ofinfection preparedness, (infectious diseases agency SSI)
    There was nothing for it but to let omicron run through the population