Spotify to tackle COVID lies after Young, Mitchell pull music | DW News

Spotify to tackle COVID lies after Young, Mitchell pull music | DW News

The streaming service Spotify has promised to take action to combat COVID-19 misinformation. This comes amid a public backlash about controversial content on the platform.
The dispute has seen artists Neil Young and Joni Mitchell remove their music from the platform. The UK’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who’ve signed deals with Spotify, have also expressed concern over vaccine misinformation. The company has now said it will add advisory warnings to podcasts that discuss COVID-19.
The US podcaster Joe Rogan sparked the controversy after he interviewed a prominent vaccine sceptic on his show – listened to by some 11 million people.


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  1. "The right to freedom of expression has been attacked globally in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and
    thus increased the dangers posed by the public health crisis. The right to freedom of expression, including the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, is a human right which enables everyone to enjoy a range of other human rights, including the right to health. Freedom of expression is vitally important during complex public health crises." – AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

  2. They need to allow lawsuits against podcasters and companies for wrongful death or lesser injuries. If people take this misinformation and it caused harm they should be held accountable.

  3. Misinformation? No he listens to different view on subjects. Maybe mainstream media should do a bit of listening instead of always trying force their narrative.
    I like Joe and like me he is just looking to find the truth. This cancel culture is becoming ridiculous. Free speech is also being threatened and it´s sad to see

  4. You could debate forever what is free speech and what is misinformation. All I know is I pay for Spotify Premium for the music. I'll be damned if I want to pay to listen anti-vaxxers or to give them a platform. so I will be quitting Spotify for other, better music streaming service, plenty to choose from.

  5. Some say automate CEOs and politicians, DAO technology is almost ready for countries' citizens to have their voice heard and actioned immediately.

  6. It would help if facebook hired someone with medical knowledge to evaluate "disinformation." Some of the people they've "checked" are totally legit and were able to prove it.

  7. what the f is she talking? what is this? Is she with this "caring mother face" saying that corporations has to do a censorship on their own? Corporations has to decide what's good and what's right, no matter what their customers want what normal people decide what's good for them? Is she mad? Thank you Mother, but NO.

  8. Covid global dictatorship. Since when chasing down Joe Rogan because he is doing the one thing the mass media aren't doing (namely giving space for the opinion of skeptical scientists) can be considered transparency? And Spotify does this because some musicians and some famous people whose only contribution to society is to walk around remove their content from their platform?

    This is no different from the church imprisoning scientists for defending the Earth is round. News media should be ashamed of themselves at this point.

  9. Joe Rogan is a ratbag, and disclaimers on his podcasts won’t make a difference. He is clearly endorsing the misinformation he has brought into his show. It’s time to shift Rogan to the fringe platforms where he belongs. Get him out of the mainstream media.

  10. With COVID-19, misinformation = "whatever doesn't agree with the authorities/consensus" (irrespective of the evidence)
    Like it was for more than half a year when strong evidence was showing that natural immunity is stronger than vaccine immunity. Well that didn't worked out very well for the "misinformation police" 🙂

  11. They're just going to put the standard link to the CDC like everywhere else, even the places that actually provide real information. It's just a keyword triggered action on the word 'Covid'. Completely useless. A more appropriate intervention would be to label these sites as promoting covid misinformation, not a link to the CDC.

  12. How many times has the media spread "misinformation" and "lies"? huh?
    How many times have the "Experts" been wrong and later changed the rules and "THE" science?
    How many times did they get "fact-checked"?

    This is getting lame now. They want to silence the opposing view, but why? It's not misinformation, there are qualified doctors, physicians, virologists, and scientists with PhD's getting silenced and removed from their platform for having the courage to disagree with liars like Fauci and other "experts"…

    1st Amendment, freedom of speech. I guess the constitiution and human rights don't exist now because SCIENCE!!!

  13. Biggest covid lie is when world leaders told us if you take the vaccine you wont get it. They than said if you take the second dose you wont get it and now they say you can still get it but take the 3rd as well. Lmao ok sure

  14. Not sure why everyone is so threatened by other peoples opinion. Almost seems like someone is afraid we might find out the truth. Sad for people like me who like to hear everyone’s side and decide for myself. Shows where this world is headed. If they would have not blocked the doctors that were telling us masks were useless for 2 years people wouldn’t have had a false sense of security and it would have saved lives. Maybe learn from that.