Ukraine-Russia crisis: Where do we go from here? | Conflict Zone

Ukraine-Russia crisis: Where do we go from here? | Conflict Zone

The Russian president “is not a gambler,” says Fyodor Lukyanov, a Russian foreign policy expert based in Moscow.

“He is a very calculated player and he is very much aware about all dangers … about the relationship between nuclear superpowers.”

Conflict Zone host Tim Sebastian asked Lukyanov if the military build-up on Ukraine’s border was really about attention seeking.

“This is not a Ukrainian issue, this is an issue about how European security has been arranged after the Cold War,” Lukyanov said.

“And unfortunately, at the end of the day, Russian leadership, as I read it, understood that the only way to get attention, to launch a discussion, is to demonstrate force.”

00:00 Intro

01:11 How likely is Russia to launch a fresh incursion into Ukraine?

02:10 Attention seeking – the rationale for military build-up?

07:57 How much rests on Russian claims of NATO ‘broken promises’?

11:03 Has the Kremlin only itself to blame for Ukraine’s push towards NATO?

12:26 Why is the crisis at a head now?

13:52 “It’s not about [U.S.] weakness. It’s about priorities”

20:50 Vladimir Putin “is not a gambler”

23:39 Has something gone badly wrong in Russia? / ‘Memorial’ closure

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Conflict Zone is Deutsche Welle’s top political interview. Every week, our hosts Tim Sebastian and Sarah Kelly are face to face with global decision-makers, seeking straight answers to straight questions, putting the spotlight on controversial issues and calling the powerful to account.


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  1. Here is my essay for this mess teacher.
    1. In past Russia asked nato to stop expanding.
    2. Nato's door is always open and seems quite aggressive against Iraq and Libya.
    3. Putin is a madman that seems paranoid and is like your aggressive ex.
    4: Putin calls the west a threat due to certain actions they made.
    5: Nato needs to look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves, is it worth attacking a nation without them attacking first.
    5: Russia's 2/3 seem unreasonable when Putin should have requested Nato should not attack another nation when they haven't attacked first and the second one No troops have no troops in the east.
    No troops should change to 1000troops should be in the east should be present in the east until they certainly at war.

    This is just my optional.

  2. Russia sees any western interest in it's neighbors as a hostile act within it's 'sphere of influence' ! . . . Dear Mr. S'putin, your neighbors are now independent sovereign nations after yours's crumbled in a pile of trash! Their decisions, preferred direction and the company they wish to keep is not up to you to dictate, you have your own forlorn citizens for that!

    Russia's actions of late are clearly an attempt by Putin to b/mail the west into removing NATO's defensive capacity in it's neighbors territories, that would make re-taking the Baltics so much easier wouldn't it?

  3. Nato should accept what russia asked. Stay or of our borders and honour three 94 aggrement.
    But nato wants war. They will get smashed and then there's a high possibilty of nuclear war which wil devistate europe and america.
    All because nato is pushing to much.

  4. It's another time to set a goal for the year, one need to set goals and take bold steps in achieving them. Remember success is not obtained overnight, you have to stop procrastinating and try what you have always wanted to improve in you're life and well being. Investment will take you closer to your dreams.

  5. The heart of the interview is 8:22 'not in a written obligation, of course, but we have transcripts from negotiations at the time of a mutual agreement to avoid further expansion of a unified Germany NATO'. When you rent out an apartment, don't you have a lease/contract to sign? How then you're going to show up on t.v. decades later explaining the movement of 100,000 troops to another nearby country's border because someone forgot to put it on paper? And you expect us to believe this, right? lol

  6. This was the best exchange I've seen debated over the Ukraine issue. I thought both sides done well in presenting their view's.
    Actually I can see some legitimate issues from both sides. How about a signed agreement that Russia will not invade Ukraine, or meddle in their internal affairs, and the US/NATO will not bring Ukraine into NATO, will not send troops there, or meddle in their affairs. In other words, both sides, hands off. Signed.

  7. If Russia would just stay in their own lane and stop invading foreign countries everything would be fine.. If Putin was overthrown this conflict would be over. Putin has delusions of grandeur and thinks he can bring back the Soviet Union, but none of the former Soviet satellites want to be ruled by Russia again, they’re their own countries now.

  8. US's adversary is China, not Russia. Europe needs the autonomy to stand up. Don't cowardly listen to US split, go to war with Russia. War with Russia would destroy Europe.

  9. The policy of Germany and Brussels related to Gazprom is in fact Putin's policy to take over EUROPE.

    1. Germany builds GAZPROM 1 and 2 and becomes dependent on Russian gas.

    2. They shut down nuclear power plants and build gas plants.

    3. The EU, ruled by Germany, recognizes gas as green energy,

    4. The EU introduces charges for CO2 limits on other energy sources (the price of Co2 per ton jumps from EUR 6 to EUR 90 (coal) due to speculation by Russian companies).

    5. The entire Union will have to use gas power plants due to the expensive prices of CO2 limits.

    6. The entire economy of Europe becomes dependent on Russian GAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. The European Parliament attacks the Polish government and destroys Poland that does not agree to NORDSTREAM2!

    Putin earns Trillions, builds an army, cuts taps, ruins our countries and enters without resistance.


  10. Imagine that if four nuclear charges, 100 megatons each, at the bottom of the ocean, off the coast of the United States, from four sides, are fired at the same time. Four kilometer – high waves of boiling , radioactive water , and dense steam will sweep across the states . What do you think the name of this soup is? Mikimaus in Russian? .

  11. Military deliveries to Ukraine were after Putin annexed Crimea and sent his terrorists to Donbass. Just another Russian who does not have morale to admit what was the cause and what were the consequences. No one is surprised anymore.

  12. Is the British foreign sectary actually telling Russian were to operate?

    Within their own country? Is that what she means by

    de-escalate. If this does not show western and American

    Arrogance, I don’t know what does.

    I sense military conflicts

  13. Good to see an interview where the guest isn't totally angry and upset with Tim at the end of it, especially given the contentious nature of the topic.
    The questions asked and insights provided were really useful and valuable.
    You guys did a great job! Well done!

  14. Putin could start WW3 over Ukraine at any moment folks in the middle of the worst pandemic in modern history be very concerned people this is no joke specially with China about to take the south china ⛵ Sea just waiting for the USA to be caught off guard with war with Russia and it allies.
    Estein said the next war would be with sticks and stones because nothing would be left but a dying radioactive planet uninhabitable for centuries and if someone did survive and managed to get enough people together for another one it would be the cave man way and nothing else just like the movie threads only this time it's Ukraine that starts it not Iran

  15. If I'm right in saying all NATO countries have to vote a new country in.Why doesn't say Germany just give Russia and guarantee that they will not vote for Ukraine to join NATO and that's it sorted.Ukraine still have the right to join constitutionally and Germany guarantee to Russia that they will never let them in.

  16. We’re talking about civil rights when Julian Assange is in prison for treason!!? He is a citizen of Australia!! And Shaffer Cox among many many others are in illegal prisons within prisons just for publicity speaking and asking the wrong questions!!! Exactly the opposite of what our USA claims to be!!

  17. Unacceptable demands? NATO made a no expansion treaty with Russia after w w 2…. They broke their promise many times and now Ukraine right on Russia’s border is in the process of joining NATO. But I’m sure this news organization isn’t under control of our overlords and is only telling us the truth.

  18. I heard very little consideration of the eastern Ukrainian oblasts being granted political autonomy by Kiev and Moscow. If this should become relevant, be warned of a possible eastern Ukraine annexation by Russia.

  19. There’s a you-tuber from the Ukraine who is now living somewhere in Georgia USA. He called himself THE CRAZY RUSSIAN HACKER… While all that political talk about Russia and the election of Trump I would tell people I was subscribed to THE CRAZY RUSSIAN HACKER and left him jokes in his comments that he read himself at the beginning because he was a small channel then. I asked him if he was the crazy Russian hacker that interfered with our elections? Now his channel grew to many many thousands of subscribers and comments. Our Russian people on earth would be our friends without the “leaders” of the world telling us who our enemy is… Worldwide this mental illness exists….. People believe in the lies from their leaders. A quote from one of those “leaders” ISN’T IT GREAT FOR US THAT MEN DON’T THINK.

  20. I wonder who will be the next world Empire. Like Putant and Biden I am living the last years of my life… we are all BORN like it or not. And we live life until it ends by murder accident-whatever- but if we conquer our cancer and win all our fights we STILL die from old age. Everyone will eventually face their own death… It’s the last thing in everyone’s life. Like it or not. Want it or not- just like life you will get death! I really wish I was leaving behind a better world. But I see a world coming for the new comers to life that’s much more horrible than anything I have seen or experienced… AI will cause our extinction… Unless we completely change our attitudes and behavior… But money short circuits everyone’s minds….

  21. The leaders of the Russian government, Russians, Ukrainians, citizens of the Earth… The Russian military invades Ukraine on the orders of Vladimir Putin… If it is in your power to stop this attack on this picturesque and peaceful country, please do it now… A person bears not only legal, but also moral responsibility for compliance with fair laws. Conversely, a person bears moral responsibility for disobeying unfair laws… Putin demonstrates desperate, mentally unstable and fraudulent behavior. He exposes Russia to worldwide hatred and economic sanctions that the Russian people cannot afford… He does everything to preserve power – absolute power based on stolen elections, corruption, income inequality and murder… Putin is lying to Russia about the unjustified violence of Ukrainians against Russian separatists and a whole host of other things; to justify this attack on Ukraine… Let's not give up and let's not sit idly by while the Supreme Leader attacks Ukraine and its democracy. It's time to stop the violence… Tomorrow may be too late… This is a turning point for a purposeful life. We need ANONYMOUS and UNITED Heroes-Knights for humanity, for Ukraine and for Russia… No!!! to attack democracy in Ukraine today… No!!! to attack democracy in modern Russia… No!!! to the scoundrels who are planning to attack the democracy of other countries today… Someday everyone will be free… I'm so sad, and God is so strong.

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