WW2 Goliath Tracked Mine

WW2 Goliath Tracked Mine

After spotting a rather strange vehicle being sunk by French soldiers in the Seine river, Nazi soldiers took it upon themselves to retrieve the machine.

Upon a thorough inspection, the Germans were amazed by the vehicle’s structure and immediately saw its impressive potential to hinder the long enemy Allied trenches.

There was no time to waste, and soon the Germans ordered a private contractor to build a similar vehicle of their own.

The result was the mighty Goliath tracked mine, a series of two unmanned ground vehicles that stood at a mere 1 foot 4 inches but could carry up to 220 pounds of high explosives.

The Goliaths were built with high expectations, and as they were put into service in early 1942, Hitler himself was confident that they had the potential to change the course of the war…

– As images and footage of actual events are not always available, Dark Docs sometimes utilizes similar historical images and footage for dramatic effect. I do my best to keep it as visually accurate as possible. All content on Dark Docs is researched, produced, and presented in historical context for educational purposes. We are history enthusiasts and are not always experts in some areas, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with corrections, additional information, or new ideas. –


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  1. Hi Never heard, or seen, these things before. oh, i had to SLOW DOWN the speed of video, to 0.85 Seems, most 'tubers'…..speed up their videos', to gain more of their 15 minutes of fame……thanks for the real historical education. !!!

  2. The fleeting mention of the landings at Anzio in WWII made me think that that is a subject to be pursued since I have read conflicting reports about maybe strategic mistakes. Maybe you have already done it.

  3. "Preserved for eternity" places rather a burden upon museums…! Maybe we should confine ourselves to "posterity"…

    When our armed forces were in Afghanistan and constantly getting ambushed by Taliban, it did seem to me that something like this might have mileage. Not as a vehicle of self-destruction, but as an ultra low profile fast-attack vehicle armed with video-cameras, multiple AP grenade launchers and maybe other weapons too. It's low ground-hugging profile matched with a suitable speed – say 20mph – would make it extremely difficult to hit with RPG. or even armour-piecing small arms such as a typical Kalashnikov. It could of course have some frontal armour. The idea being that it could be driven by someone with a PC and sent to interdict ambushers, launching air-burst shot-cannister grenades, so that even those hiding in ditches or behind walls would have no defence. But maybe flying drones have rendered such a machine obsolete…

  4. also it sounds like another Nazi waste of money, engineering, and time and workers. they built a LOT, and used a lot of material that was needed for things such as aircraft and ammo. There were enough of these side track weapons, that kept the Luftwaffe from being able to replace planes as they were lost. Technically a dud in WWII, but a good thing for the Allies, who could later gain much from the technology. But Nazi inability to figure out, make one thing, make a lot and don't worry about perfect (I was told the Luftwaffe planes had the most beautifully crafted interiors and seats, meticulously made like a sport car, which was why it took so much longer to make perfection rather than "Good enough").

  5. I wonder why, with all the technology in radio controlled vehicles, the ukrainian fighters are not using some form or this vehicle. Even drones that are bought for children as toys can be flown into the path of Russian jets. Thinking out of the realms of the current sphere of activity (soldiers fighting soldiers) and demanding of themselves what small thing can I use to make an impact on an aggressive army.

  6. Meanwhile in Russia

    "Hey! Vladimir! Get the dog and put 5kilos of TNT on it. The german tanks are comming."
    "DAH comrade"
    Throws a stick towards the enemies. And the dog runs after it
    "Comrade we have a problem."
    "What it is?"
    "The dog is running back to us with the stick on his mouth while wagging its tail."

  7. well it did its job IF it worked long enough and could reach its target. but i bet we could make them allot better today. especially with sound recognition and other software upgrades. thou i'd bet we would make the explosives it carried modular, so it could get to a target and drop the munition down as to get out of dodge before it goes, IF the mission didn't require or need for it to blow itself up in the operation. why do i want to add hydrolics to the the tracks thou? i mean not for suspension directly but to control tension and allow it to have a larger footprint from front to back… to crossover larger obstacles?… they might have gotten away with using fewer wheels and such if the track and suspension could handle the weight and such, if that helps.

  8. Been good if they had the US sprinkle magic and were able to rigged them to work and zip around to carry ammo or medical equipment they would've been heavily funded and researched quicker.

  9. Interesting idea years ahead of its time…..

    I’m surprised they used a wired remote to operate it. Being hi tech geniuses I’m surprised they didn’t figure out how operate it with radio waves, I.e. a wireless remote….

    Another wonder weapon for the aliens to steal and analyze.

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