Aren't the Taliban ashamed of their human rights record? | DW Conflict Zone

Aren't the Taliban ashamed of their human rights record? | DW Conflict Zone

Human rights concerns are increasing in Afghanistan, six months after the Taliban took power.

The UN and other human rights bodies continue to release deeply disturbing reports of their human rights violations.

How do Taliban leaders justify their actions?

DW’s Conflict Zone host Tim Sebastian confronts Shafiullah Azam, Taliban foreign ministry official.

00:00 Introduction
01:15 Broken promises
03:07 Who do they justify crimes?
04:48 Are Taliban fighters out of control?
08:11 Press freedom
11:34 Violence and repression
13:40 Arbitrary arrests
16:45 Women’s rights
18:58 Food shortages
20:00 Illegal drug trade
23.14 Al Qaeda

Conflict Zone is Deutsche Welle’s top political interview.

Every week, our hosts Tim Sebastian and Sarah Kelly are face to face with global decision-makers, seeking straight answers to straight questions, putting the spotlight on controversial issues and calling the powerful to account.

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  1. Afghanistan is the graveyard of the super powers anyone come to invade my country will be ashamed and lose because God is in our sides we are poor people and we have nothing we have God in our sides

  2. So he says we shouldn't believe what that police spokesperson is saying cause he's just a spokesperson, so should we not listen to you cause you're just a spokesperson, all the lies you just said should we believe it?

  3. Women are not equal to men read the bible God is in the head of the branche then is jesus christ like all prophets then men then women it in the bible ,men are God glory and women are Men glory we are not equal at all , men need to submit to God and women need to submit to men we are not equal, you like it or not

  4. Who kills more people in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria and killing people men and women and children and attack their land for oil and gold and silver and precious jewels , Afghanistan has more than 3 trillions in nature resources wich everyone wants to take and invade the country

  5. America and nato killed millions of millions of inocents afghans people and syrian people and iraqi people and invaded their land for gold and silver and oils and precious jewels in Afghanistan they should be ashamed of killing my people and destroying my country!

  6. ''Aren't the Taliban ashamed of their human rights record?''
    That's a bold title from a German state funded News Agency, are we forgetting our Human rights record?
    Ramstein Military base from where enite Countries are getting destabilized and Civilians killed?
    Atleast the Taliban doesn't act like they are Human Rights Champions like so many Western Nations like Germany, France etc.

  7. Afghanistan is the graveyard of the super empire from Mongols to alexander the great for England to Russia and from USA to Nato all supper powers mighty power with mighty military power we have nothing else but almighty God with us they all lost and left ashamed .

  8. Dw News Is Literally Whitewashing The War Crimes Of NATO/US Marines. How shameless Western Countries Are, First Invading then Stealing Some Poor Countries Resources if they stand up the. Label them with different Name's.

  9. 1. Taliban banned Bacha Bazi while NATO allowed boys to be raped inside of their own military bases. Even Taliban opponents admit this.
    2. No mass murder. The UK Defence Chief said that the reports of Taliban killing after amnesty are false (look it on on youtube). Even the UN said that there was evidence of only 100 or so killings. Unlike the US backed government which tortured people to death in Baghram and such.
    3.Taliban detain people as temporary arrest, and then free them if innocent. If you are talking about during the war, kidnapping opposition is a valid strategy.
    4. What unethical treatment? Women are allowed to get jobs, go to school, etc. They are not forced to cover their face. While the US backed government kidnapped women and took them to their bases, let prostitution rings, etc.

    The Taliban are objectively better than any EU nation.

  10. You guys think that the Taliban should be ashamed but in reality, it is the West who should be ashamed. The US committed genocide in Iraq, with 1 million people dead. Not to mention children orphaned and women windowed in Afghanistan. They even killed 80 thousand Pakistanis (not 80, not 800 but 80 thousand) with their drones.

  11. Before great britain or usa start condeming other people they should see the atrocities that they have done to the prople of Afganistan and the world. Killing millions of people and taking their land because of greed and superiority complex .

  12. Journo is asking questions just like he himself is a big critic of Afghan TALABAN administration and not a independent media representative.dude you held TALABAN responsible for everything happened during the last six months what about Afghan funds freezed in US.

  13. Horrible reporter didn't even give him a chance to finish what he was saying, I have 100% trust respect and loyalty for the Taliban because my western media wasn't giving me the full message

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