Genius Hacks For Brides And Grooms to Make a Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Genius Hacks For Brides And Grooms to Make a Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Is your special day coming up? Are you going to get married soon? Here you can find some cool hacks for that special day that might save your life.
Learn how you can clean up your white dress in case you need to, and enjoy your dance at your party!
Learn how you can customize your wedding shoes and create the cute heels you dreamed about.
Or how you can use the toilet easily in your wedding dress!
Keep watching for more amazing ideas that can be useful at your wedding day, like how to keep your dress at its place! Here you can also learn how to decorate your own wedding cake!
Amazing ideas and even more hacks for your special days.

1:26 – How to decorate your wedding heels
2:25 – How to remove a ring that is stuck on your finger
2:58 – How to use the toilet in your wedding dress
4:25 – How to do your own wedding cake
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  1. What an ugly wedding dress, and the dirty part switched sides. Too much lace, and the shoes are too big. The veil won't magically come loose, blow away, and be caught like a bouquet. She hooks the veil in her hair quite low, and then it's higher. Yeah, no, you don't suddenly get 3 bouquets out of 1. Those are 3 full bouquets. How dumb do you think people are? She slipped the ring on her index finger, it magically appears on her middle finger, then goes back to the index finger, and the bride isn't mad. Plus, she wouldn't have her own ring. If anything, she'd have the groom's ring and he'd have hers. So, there's no way any of this would happen. That's hideous for a dress. No bride in their right mind would sit in that tub. That's a lot of pointless work just to go to the bathroom. No one wears a dress to get proposed to. Overkill. Tape on your chest hurts. And you've got problems if you wait until you make it to the alter to fix your dress. That's why you get it tailored long before the wedding. His hair doesn't move, but her veil gets blown away. Just buy a proper cake. The rubber band doesn't even make the jacket fully close, but then it's fully closed with no problems. Just buy the right size jacket, especially as the groom. Nobody keeps trashbags in their garter. Do you know how badly you'd sweat? Not to mention it's pretty trashy to actually show someone on the toilet like that. Yes, masking tape miraculously dangles in front of you on a string. Walking around with cups on your hand is just ridiculous. Well, that spot on her pink dress sure did get bigger in seconds. Creating a new wedding dress right then and there is not realistic in any way. Why would anyone sneak up on someone with scissors to go cut their hair? That's idiotic. That and her length is suddenly back. Her hair is short in one scene and then long in the next scene. No one just carries scissors with them everywhere. What an ungrateful bride. She has way too many buttons to be done in the back. That's no one's fault but hers for picking that dress. Yet, when her friend has trouble with them, the bride rolls her eyes at her. Some friend she is. Don't walk through mud in heels. Plus, don't do so in white shoes. Are people really that naive? Nobody stops in the middle of their vows to take a phone call and do their makeup. That's just downright stupid. Also, you'd sweat like crazy with all that crap in your garter. Why is she getting another bouquet? Is that guy a magician, making his bouquet grow? That guy is a rude ass for several reasons. You don't watch the game while at a wedding. It's that important? Stay home and watch. You also don't use someone's hair to anchor your phone just so you can watch hands free. You honestly think she wouldn't feel a phone in her hair? That's heavy. It will fall and pull her hair. She'll know the minute a stranger starts touching her hair. Don't get mad at the shoes because you decided not to wear stockings. Wear the damn stockings and that won't happen. She's not going to waste her wedding day making those shoes. You'll be there all day blowing up balloons like that. Just go get them filled. It's not that difficult.