How To Waste A Sequel — Matrix Resurrections

How To Waste A Sequel — Matrix Resurrections

Matrix Resurrections was a waste of a sequel. Start listening to Audible, grabbing Stein On Writing for free by going to or text closerlook to 500 500!

Matrix Resurrections was a disappointment to many matrix fans. In this video essay, I break down why.

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0:00 – Intro
2:31 – A Boring Beginning
6:54 – A Redemptive Theme
7:59 – A Shattered 4th Wall
10:59 – How To Fail At Nostalgia
12:40 – A Crisis Of Purpose
16:47 – Lessons Learned
18:02 – A Better Story

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  1. You're pointing out its familiar like that wasn't the choice of the which ever Wachowski did this. Thats the point of the film, highlighting how shit reboots are, and that there are no new original ideas with in the medium of film?
    Matrix one = how we use the internet
    this Matrix = how the internet uses us

    your welcome

  2. even though I love you and I'm glad to see you're back I'm sorry to say I just can't watch this analyzation. this movie is beyond being bad I never watched it but I just can't watch it for the sheer concept of it: blatant cash grab.

  3. Not only were Morpheus and Smith wasted, and Morpheus just straight up rewritten as an AI of some kind(the fuck was their explanation?), But why would a program have age? Wouldn't Smith just always look like Smith? Is it modeled after an actual person that aged? Honestly the whole movie seemed like a giant "Keanu Reeves doesn't age" joke not even exaggerating. The whole story was like a drug fueled fanfic. Just awful.

  4. I have a bizarre feeling that this sequel was intended to be as bad as it was. It was almost as if this movie was so bad, it could only be this bad intentionally. Almost as if Lana Wachowski said "Fine, WB, you want a sequel? Well… if I can't have it, no one will and I'll scuttle it myself rather than see you let someone else."

  5. This either shouldn’t have happened, Should have been a live action Last Renaissance, or should have been a whole new story that continues after the original sequel.

    This movie would have been better if the studio DID make this without Lana.

  6. I never wanted a movie to be over more. It’s very close to the original but it’s not close to the same. Also i didn’t like that some of the original cast wasn’t there. I understand why you can’t do everyone but they missed a lot of potential to make it half decent.

  7. Well…I wouldn't compare adding Agent Smith to this movie as adding Han Solo to the Star Wars sequels.

    I'd compare it to adding the Emperor to Rise of Skywalker. That's what breaks immersion. That's where you know they don't have a f*cking clue what they're doing. They're marking a checklist and scrambling to figure something out. Agent Smith was the villain in the first movies! So, let's just put him in the new one. Who cares that Neo defeated and destroyed him? It's the same thing with Morpheus. They're regurgitating names. That's what they're doing. We can't have a new story, with new plot-points and new characters. We just get the original trilogy projectile vomited in our faces.

  8. Here is the matrix script put into polish and then back to English: Computer screen with cursor blinking.)

    Cypher: Yes.

    Trinity: Is everything in its place?

    Cypher: You weren't supposed to change me.

    Trinity: I know, but I was tempted to take your shift.

    Cypher: You like him, don't you? You like watching it.

    Trinity: Don't be ridiculous.

    Cypher: We'll kill him, okay?

    Trinity: Morpheus believes he's the one.

    Cypher: Are you?

    Trinity: It doesn't matter what I believe.

    Cypher: You don't know, do you?

    Trinity: Did you hear that?

    Cypher: What's up?

    Trinity: Are you sure this line is clean?

    Cypher: Yes, of course I'm sure.

    Trinity: I'd better go.

    Hangs up when we go through the digits on the screen and outside the room where she is like a few policemen
    officers approach the door with flashlights and pistols. He kicks the door open.

    (Hotel room)

    Policeman: Freeze, Police. Hands on your head. Do it. Do it now.

    Trinity: * slowly puts her hands on her head *

    (outside the hotel)

    A black car with tinted windows drives alongside other police cars. Agent Smith and Agent Brown both get out of the car
    in dark suits and sunglasses.

    Agent Smith: Lieutenant …

    Lieutenant: Oh shit …

    Agent Smith: You have received specific orders …

    Lieutenant: Hey, I'm just doing my job. You give it to me

    juris-my-dick-tion shit, you can shit that up your ass.

    Agent Smith: The orders … were for your protection.

    Lieutenant: * laughs * I think we can handle one little girl … I sent two

    units … are now knocking her down.

    Lieutenant: No lieutenant, your men are already dead …

    (Hotel room)

    The policeman is holding handcuffs, ready to put them on Trinity, who is standing with her back to him, her hands on her head.
    Suddenly, he turns, kicks him to the ground, grabs the gun, and beats the others.
    He picks up the phone from the desk.

    Trinity: Morpheus! The line was drawn, I don't know how.

    Morpheus: I know, they cut the hard line. No time, you go

    having to get to another exit.

    Trinity: Are there any agents?

    Morpheus: Yes

    Trinity: Shit.

    Morpheus: You need to focus, Trinity. Wells has a telephone and

    Lake. You can do it.

    Trinity: * sighs * It's okay.

    Morpheus: Go!

    Trinity drops her phone and jumps out of the room as Agent Brown enters the foyer, leading another police unit.
    Trinity runs to the far end, exiting the broken window to the emergency exit. He looks down and sees Agent Smith below,
    staring at her. He goes up to the roof. On the roof,
    Trinity runs as Agent Brown comes after her, leading a group of chasing policemen.
    Trinity starts jumping from roof to roof in one smooth motion, unlike the cops' wild jumps.
    Agent Brown, however, has the same unnatural grace. They come to a huge gulf between the two buildings that Trinity can easily jump over.


    Cop: It's impossible!

    They watch Agent Smith accurately duplicate the motion as she follows her to the next roof. He hides behind the chimney and he looks around the roof for her. He sees a window nearby and rushes to it. She jumps out the window, rolls down the stairs inside, and manages to land without major injuries.

    Trinity: Get up, Trinity. Just get up. Get up!


    Trinity emerges from the alley and sees a telephone box at the end of the block. Before her eyes, the phone starts ringing. When she rings, a truck pulls up in front of her, its headlights directed towards the telephone. Trinity suddenly runs to the phone booth, chasing a truck that can nearly crush the phone booth just as she picks up the phone. He puts his hand to the window of the booth just as a truck hits it. After a few moments, we see the remains of a telephone booth. Agent Smith is checking the wreckage. There is no one.

    Agent Brown: She left.

    Agent Smith: It doesn't matter.

    Agent Jones: The whistleblower is real.

    Agent Smith: Yes …

    Agent Jones: We have a name for their next target.

    Agent Brown: My name is Neo …

    Agent Smith: We're gonna need a working search.

    Agent Jones: It's already started.

    We are closer to the phone's mouthpiece on the ground, closer until we seem to be moving on it and through the cable. We show up at Neo's apartment. He sleeps at the computer with headphones on. On the computer screen, we see that he is searching for a man named Morpheus. Suddenly, the words "Wake up Neo" appear on his computer screen. He sits down and stares at his computer screen

    Neo: What?

    The computer now shows "The Matrix has you …"

    Neo: What the hell?

    "Follow the white rabbit …" now appears on the computer

    Neo: Are you following the white rabbit?

    Repeatedly presses the "esc" key with no effect. the computer displays the last message: "Knock knock, Neo." There is a loud knock on his door and he jumps. He stares at the door, then back at the computer screen. is empty now.

    Neo: ….. Who is it?

    Choi: This

  9. I think your reboot would not have worked because you did not pay enough attention to two sequels. Both matrix and zeon are digital space made to improve humans by rewrighting their subconscious to accept matrix. Jesus there is an actual exposition about it in the movie. How can you be so oblivious.

  10. Nice analysis, but the rewrite directly contradicts what this movie was trying to say. Matrix was finished years ago. There's no need to fight and there's no need for Neo anymore. Let alone more sequels. Conflict in the new Matrix was purposefully personal to Neo and in contradiction to what was actually good for the rest of humanity (outside of matrix). I personally really liked that the symbiotic relationship between machines and humans was just given and they didn't waste time on deciding if the worth of conscious life is dependent on substrate. Especially in universe dealing with conscious AI for that long.

  11. It was funny hearing you say Waichowski over and over for my brain. On the one hand, everyone calls directors by their last name, but at the same time, it made me realize that my brain is not used to hearing Waichowski as a singular noun. It’s always Waichowskis.

  12. apparently the 'self sabotage' is only a conspiracy theory
    they literally asked lana why she did it and she says she WANTED to do it to honour her parents
    you people need to at least google things you think are facts before claiming they are to other people

  13. I liked your rewrite, but I think you missed the point of this movie. This was never meant to be a true sequel, it's just cynical, meta narrative satire about the current state of big budget nostalgia mining. I find it plausible that the studio came to Lana and said, reboot the matrix or we'll find someone who will. This movie makes complete sense when viewed as a middle finger response. It doesn't make for great viewing, but honestly did they ever have a chance to make anything better than star wars grade fan service?

  14. This channel is like that guy in hollywood writing rooms who's like "okay, what if we do it like this.." and he spiels for like fifteen minutes about an actually great idea but his boss is like.. "ehhh.. nahh, that's not good enough because I didn't think of it. We'll go with my objectively superior ideas."

    And then when the audience hates the bosses dumbass writing, he's like "fans are too ignorant to understand my brilliance"

  15. 6:45 I don't think she forgot, she knew exactly why that first movie worked. I think the reason it's all the same and is absolute garbage is because they told her that they were going to make this movie with or without her.

  16. 9:19 Idk, I just felt like the whole time it was on purpose. It just all feels so intentional, that Lana made a steaming pile of hot garbage because Warner Bros couldn't leave well enough alone.

  17. I think the Wachowski twins just got lucky with the first 3 films. Looking at what they've done in the last 20 years Matrix 4 tanking isn't a surprise.