MSC chair Ischinger doubts that Olaf Scholz's visit to Moscow could yield a breakthrough | DW News

MSC chair Ischinger doubts that Olaf Scholz's visit to Moscow could yield a breakthrough | DW News

Munich Security Conference chair Wolfgang Ischinger says he is “deeply worried” about the risk of Russia mounting an attack on Ukraine. But speaking to DW ahead of the conference, he said he was “skeptikal” that Russia would go as far as an assault on the capital Kyiv – despite US warnings.


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  1. We cannot expect American leadership….they are too trapped in their lack of understanding the world and the perception of American exceptionalism and the urge to spread liberal democracies all over the world through pressure and military destruction of regimes. The American concept of nationbuilding….seems to be failing miserably all times. Creating corrupted and destroyed nations which definitely have no ability to become democracies.

  2. So Germany is settling to ostrich politics. Never telling its own people the truth, that all US does is keeps Germany down! Read Brzezinski whoever US policy maker. France Germany and Russia can make Europe one of the major power in multipolar world. Wake up!

  3. Of course Putin wants dialogue to centre on the USA. Putin sees the USA as the weak link in any Western opposition to Russian intent. And he's right. The whole world can see that.

  4. Much respect to Herr Ischinger if only all the men in power will think the same way he does and execute them without thinking of themselves first or their country first but for the good of many

  5. We are being schooled, in my opinion NATO has outlived its relevance… It's mere existence threatens PEACE. I pity Ukraine for it will be battlefield of the countries far away, thousands of miles away and only it will be destroyed and remain ruins…

  6. Yes. Those Armata tanks, s-400's and "Felon" stealth planes do not grow on trees. They cost money… and money is hard to come by when one cannot sell natural gas due to sanctions.

    Putin's plan, if it is to invade, is not very bright.

  7. Alexei Navalny is currently on trial near Moscow, accused of having defrauded four individuals who had donated to his Anti-Corruption Foundation. He faces an additional 10 years in prison. When he gets out, in 2032, Putin will be two years into his sixth term in office. After that has been completed in 2036 he will have been president of Russia for a total of 32 years.

  8. You cannot fix problems when Russia sees NATO as expanding east which affects their strategic interest. Russia wants to be respected and considered a partner. However, it is failing to see Ukraine as a sovereign state which needs to be seen as a partner who has its own foreign policy to charter. It will only lead to the hard truth unless Russia diffuse their old Cold war mentality. Coercing a sovereign country won't work.

  9. Don't worry about it.!! 🙂

    NATO has been given more than enough weapons, and the United States with the European Union have contributed billions of dollars and euros to the creation of new jobs in Ukraine.!!:(

  10. schrecklich zu erkennen, dass die Deutschen die Trauer des Krieges sehr schnell vergessen haben! Sie brauchen wieder einen Krieg mit den Russen unter den Zeichen von Nazideutschland Scholz und Berbok, ihr Schweine!. Nowosibirsk, Russland

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