How The Scrubs Spinoff Failed In A Single Strange Season

How The Scrubs Spinoff Failed In A Single Strange Season

Scrubs will always be remembered as one of the best sitcoms of all time. The timeless cast and emotional storytelling created a truly unique half hour comedy. But the legacy of Scrubs took a major hit when ABC decided they wanted to extend the life of the show and try a soft reboot with Scrubs: Med School. Which after a near perfect Season 8 Finale, would ultimately be the shows downfall.

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Written by Dave Baker
Edited by Dan Smiley


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  1. Scrubs is so close to my heart that it basically became part of the person I am today, I still regularly make references to the show by accident and then laugh at myself. The show ended at season 8, the rest is just a dumb cash grab.

  2. I would like Scrubs to come back. But do something entirely different. I mean you could even do a different type of spin-off with the same cast where instead of being doctors they can be lawyers or something else. They can play different characters and create a whole new spin-off from that. Rather than doing the same thing over but use the same formula of writing.

  3. I took a long break after Season 8.
    I came back and watched Season 9 and honestly I thought it was incredibly funny. Sure, the plot was bad and the characters didn't have time to develop.
    But it's like an extra sprinkling of scrubs content for the super fans.

  4. This is one of the rare occasions where I loved the original
    But can see that "last season" as it's own thing. I hated the returning characters actually in season 9.. But the jokes of the new show with new characters I found funny. So I liked it…. But it's not scrubs to me. It's almost like…. Like Cheers and Fraser to me.

  5. I recently watched these on dvd. They were awful from beginning to end. None of the new characters had any real depth and behaved predictably every episode and in the case of Cole every scene. I may have laughed 5 times in 13 episodes. If I ever decide to watch Scrubs again I'm stopping at My Finale.

  6. I watched season 9. I didn’t like. I listen to the podcast Fake Doctors, real friends with Zach and Donald and they even said on the podcast that they don’t talk about season 9 because it’s a garbage season. Lol

  7. What could of been cool was continuing the series, but by following the hospital. Like we follow the staff that work there. Like you get new cast (new staff) old cast members leave (retirement, another job, dying and so on) Pick a main dude for a couple of years write him off. Cause too me the season 8 ending embraced that idea. That life moves on. Tomorrow always comes. It would of been so cool to see if that would of worked and you get a medical comedy off the idea of following the hospital's history and future. It would of been cool to see the old staff mingle with the new and to see support characters become main ones cause they, in story, advance their career. too me that would of been cool cause outside of soap operas I don't see that in other shows. Shoot maybe in that ending you could have the hospital demolished and that would mean serving since we spent years watching that hospital

  8. Scrubs did end on the perfect note for me. I only found the show in streaming, heard about the last season from someone who had watched it thus had a warning and only watched seasons one through eight so my last scene of Scrubs was that impressive lineup of past characters, the look into the future, and JD driving away. Perfect.

  9. I feel like the greatest problem of Season 9 was introducing entire new characters, rather than relying on Denise from Season 8 and her fellow interns. If Scrubs was to survive, I think pivoting to them as leads and expanding their lives fully while retaining other characters besides JD would allow a sort of generational, long-lasting sitcom that could continue with a rotating generational cast.

  10. I watched the first two episodes of season 9 and was immediately turned off by many things, but the main issue was Dr. Cox. He was a quasi-pseudo-villain for JD throughout the series, and sure, he could be pretty mean, but you always knew he had the best interests of the patients in mind, and he really wanted to make a difference. In season 9 episode 2, he says multiple times to a student, “Stop trying to help [a patient]. What he needs is to leave the hospital and die elsewhere.” That was so cold, even for Perry. I just couldn’t find any redeeming qualities to make me keep watching.

  11. I am re watching the series on Amazon and I am amazed at how great the actors were, but the writing was top notch. They needed to take the focus away from JD and split it up more maybe with Dr. Winn and Turk and Todd, and more with dr Reed and cox, but the gay crap with Turk and JD got old, and the overly silly gags were stupid.

  12. I never saw it as Scrubs season 9. I always saw it as Scrubs Med School… To the point where I always got confused when people complained about the final season because I thought they were talking about Season 8, which may not be the best but I thought was good enough

  13. I hated Season 9 when it came out because it felt like a bait and switch, but I watched the whole thing while sick in bed yesterday and didn’t hate it as much. If it had been sold as a spin-off I think it would have worked.

  14. I'm not sure I blame ABC entirely for this. They bought the show after NBC cancelled it and that investment needed more than one season.

    So getting season 9 is a small thing when we got season 8. Plus it's nice to see a few things that were up in the air at the end – Elliott is happily married after everything and she's going to be a mom while still killing it at her career.

  15. To be honest, I thought seasons 7 and 8 were pretty crappy too. Favourite characters were made unpleasant and stupid and I wished they'd stopped earlier.
    When was the season that they went to Barbados for the Janitor's wedding?…cos that was REALLY bad!

  16. I was so confused when they announced s9. The end of S8 was a perfect ending. Thoughtful, poignant and deeply moving. I watched 10 mins of the new show and just knew I couldn’t watch it…

  17. I actually don't mind season 9, it gradually got better I thought as the season moved on and Cole, Lucy, Denise and Drew started to develop into more interesting characters and they started to smooth down the initial rough edges each character had, the problem was whenever Turk, Elliot, J.D, Dr Kelso or Dr Cox was there you were instantly more drawn to them and they usually had the much funnier lines. Also a character like Cole who has these weird eccentricities would've been a comic relief character like Todd, Ted or Doug in the older seasons, a character that has funny moments on screen but you rarely build the episode around. Also re-occurring characters were boring, I remember an Australian blonde women and an Asian guy but that's about it, they weren't memorable in anyway. And yet in the older seasons everyone could instantly remember the character if I said Laverne, Ted, Todd, Doug, Keith, Sean or Dr Wen. Even more obscure character who weren't in as often like Beardface, Colonel Dr, Snoop Dog Inter…. Resid…. Attendant, Lloyd or Dr Mickhead.