'They're teaching children to hate America': the culture war dividing US schools

'They're teaching children to hate America': the culture war dividing US schools

Carmel, Indiana is an affluent suburb just north of Indianapolis known for its idyllic neighbourhoods, low crime rates and some of the country’s best public schools.
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But in early 2021, the school board brought in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives – known as simply DEI – a program that seeks to combat structural racism in the education system. Since then, a battle has erupted between those that welcome the changes and others who see it as leftist indoctrination of their children.

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  1. It's always this narrative of racist white people picking on the poor black people. Let a white child go to a black city school and see how that works out for you.

  2. “Tho the school wasn’t willing to give us specifics”????!! Hmmm, well I’d say that pretty much proves that they’re hiding something no?? Lol Gotta love the guardian

  3. How many of these things are kids just trying to be “edgy” how much of this is set up in an out of context sort of way.
    There’s a lot to say about how you judge people for their skin color. How about you go and do a similar look into a school that is made up of predominantly black school. Then ask the small amount of white kids how they’re treated.if you check it it will be very similar inversely. You really are trying to make the white man the demon.
    It’s crazy how things are, if you look at a historical perspective, you’ll notice that every single culture of the world is guilty of treating other races as lesser up to the point of enslavement. There are plenty of cultures that still exist to this day that attack people over race and religion to this day.

  4. I graduated in 2015; I wish we would've had Critical Race Theory when I was in school!!!! I would've loved it!!!! White people are very privileged and control nearly everything in America…. Smh

  5. There’s widespread videos on tiktok and other social media platforms where these teachers pretty much openly admit that they are politicizing their classrooms with leftist ideology. We need an affordable private school option in America, because there’s no other form of accountability or ways to punish a district for allowing this behavior.

  6. As a guy who lives in Fort Wayne Indiana I can definitely DEFINITELY ‼️‼️‼️‼️ attest to Carmel being absolutely racist and Indiana is definitely DEFINITELY‼️‼️‼️‼️ a red state and the further south you go in Indiana the more you see it

  7. Trying to say all white people are inherently racist and have systematic advantage or privilege over other groups of people is not the way to solve racism this is the problem with CRT and it’s just another part of the culture war in America

  8. I got to amit i think. They have a point bc im not white but some of my friends feel ashamed for being white i think they should hate the government more and not just the people here

  9. I can't wait for America to catch up to the rest of the world.
    If the stereotype is that American's view Florida as the place with crazy people, then it's safe to say that's how the rest of the world sees America.

    The hollow idealistic country has become the laughing stock of the world and to most, a place that we're too terrified to visit because of how backwards the country has become.
    Even as a bland European white male, I am too scared to go to that country and will likely never will in my life.
    I can't imagine how scared people must be living there, if I'm terrified even across the Atlantic Ocean.

  10. Solely because of exceptional American liberties, we should be eternally grateful.
    What a easy thing is to talk a lot of dump about America, you don't have to avoid first the perennial tyranny common in other latitudes over your neck to speak out your mind.

  11. maths,english,science and some IT, anything else is indoctrination. the social-emotional learning seems like a mental disorder waiting to happen. it goes against their very own personalities then they are constantly feeling like they shouldn't act like themselves.

  12. The New Libera Democrat Party Is Not The Party Of JFK At the Core of Liberalism is a Spoiled Child —
    Miserable, as all Spoiled Children are Unsatisfied, Demanding, Ill-Disciplined, Despotic and Useless.
    Liberalism is a Philosophy of Sniveling Brats.

  13. "Why would you want your citizens to not love the place you live in? That's like saying I hate my house."
    That's a terrible analogy. Does your house have a gaping hole in the wall? Is there a leak coming from the ceiling? Does the electricity cut out every time you turn on the microwave? Houses require upkeep and renovation, otherwise they fall apart.

  14. What if… a bunch of rich people and many others who arnt yet rich became entrepreneurs and opened up provided private but more publicly affordable private schools and every student left the governments schools for those private ones… I'm sure thered be alot of paperwo… wait if millions of children just didn't show up and became known their system got ditched for private education as a result of the indoctrination… the government loses….

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