Putin’s Poker: Everybody loses? | To the point

Putin’s Poker: Everybody loses? | To the point

Is the threat of war in the middle of Europe receding or simply at a lull? Russia says it’s drawing down the troops massed at Ukraine’s border; the West is sceptical.
With the forces and weapons still in place, Russia retains the ability to launch a full fledged invasion, according to NATO. Yet President Putin says he’s ready to give diplomacy a chance. It fell to Germany’s Chancellor to decipher the mixed messages as he visited the Kremlin this week.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing a high-stakes game. With Russian troops surrounding Ukraine, will threats get him what he wants? Our guests: Alexander Rahr, Russia expert, Regina Heller, Peace Researcher (IFSH), Roman Goncharenko (DW)

00:00 “Putin’s Poker: Everybody loses?”

01:55 Is a Russian invasion in Ukraine still imminent?

06:05 Putin will stick to his key issues

07:20 It’s about more than the Russia-Ukraine conflict

08:00 NATO’s eastern expansion

10:15 What will happen in Eastern Ukraine?

16:17 How unified is the West?

18:00 Does Ukraine feel supported by the West?

20:23 How would the West respond in case of a Russian invasion?

22:40 The complex challenge of a new security architecture for Europe

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  1. Кто к нам с мечом войдет, тот от меча и погибнет! Who comes to us with a sword by the sword will die! Alexander Nevsky

  2. I would like to know why the West is ignoring Russian's legitimate concerns over their physical security when it is so obvious that Putin had tried several times to compromise and was always rebuffed? Look at John Mearscheimer's "Why the Ukraine is the West's Fault" for a thorough explanation of this topic. Germany is the only country in the EU that is being pragmatic about this subject. Israel refuses to condemn Russia for this position. Can the lack of coverage of the Russian position in western media be covered on your program? It seems this objectivity displayed by Dr Mearscheimer never gets any airtime on western media. Perhaps DW can help balance the coverage of this issue.

  3. Are you all crazy? Take that off YT – it's news from yester-yesterday. Fits to DW but not to US.
    On second thought: Keep it on. I love all the smartasses talking nonsense. They just prove how much communism lingers in Europe.

  4. what should he plan??? he has often said what he wants, that nato is not on Russia's border. And if you don't want a confrontation, it would be easy for the West to meet this demand