LIVE – Ask Dr Zakir

LIVE - Ask Dr Zakir

A fortnightly live Q&A session Season 9 session 5.


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Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. My Dear Brothers & Sisters!
    May Allah be pleased with you and fulfill your heartfelt wishes. The Lord of the heavens and the earth says in His book in chapter 5 and Ayah 2;
    "And cooperate in righteousness and piety"
    Please Contribute to good deeds by supporting our channel.

  2. Let I need a brother to help me with this question someone who can get access to Dr. Zakir should ask him for me is Hazrat Issah (as) a rasullullah? and if he is then why can’t he be called a rasullullah again when he comes back the Quran says prophet Mohamed (sa) is the last of all prophet his mosque is the last of all of mosques why do we still even build mosques if Jesus Christ was a prophet , why can’t he be called a prophet again when he comes back am confuse please

  3. After you wrote to me that you acted on your homosexual desires i was really upset Dr Naik! But i forgive you even if god doesn’t. You helped my family so much with your teachings of the Quran that i hope Allah takes pity on you no mattet how many men you slept with. Salam

  4. جازاك الله خير يا دكتور ذاكر غن اكل شيئ ولاكن عندي تعليق للذي حضر المنظر للتصوير في الاسلام لم نشعل الشمع مثل المسحين اتمنا في المستقبل ان لاتوجد هذي الاشياء التي تشابه (الكنائس).
    جازكم الله خيرا ان

  5. Asalamualikum mera naam Owais hai place kashmir india mera sawaal ye tha keh main ek hindu ladki ko jaan ta hu wo islam qabool karna chahte hai lakin dar ki wajah se wo kisi ko bool nahe parahe hai us ko kabhi idol worship b karne parte hai zabardasti yahan hum ne kuch logon se baat ki thy lakin dar ki wajah se koi help he nahe kar raha hai aap humain bataye. Humain kya karna chahye sir rub rub ki kasam pareshan hai aap jawab zaroor dain

  6. Sir as there are most of the time Ramadan is of 29 days as per Islamic calender so after it , its fine or keeping that one is obligatory in order to complete 30 fasts .

  7. I am not able to undestand if these verses of the Quran are relevent to this day. I.e. S2 V-221, S4 V-25, S5 V-5. If a muslim man wants to marry a Christian woman (people of the book), there is no gurantee that the woman or their offsprings will follow Islamic teachings. Who are the people of the book? Where is the The Book? The present book (Bible) is corrupted. Then how to convince a muslim man not to marry people of the nook when the verse states to do so . Please explain.