Dollar Tree Haul | NAME BRAND items, home decor and MORE!

Dollar Tree Haul | NAME BRAND items, home decor and MORE!

Today I’m sharing with you a Dollar Tree Haul of the year and it was fairly mild in comparison to most hauls. I definitely find myself being more frugal now with that extra quarter being added. It adds up quick and I don’t want to be duped by the fact that its the Dollar Tree!

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  1. I saw PJ Masks cereal at the grocery store this weekend. Don’t recall you picking that up before, Mason might enjoy if he’s still into PJ Masks.

  2. Many of our cats make biscuits. It's so cute. There is also a real thing here in Louisiana called cat head biscuits. They call them that because the biscuits are the size of a cats head.

  3. I got that St. Patrick's Day banner last year and I think I put it on a longer chord for where I hang all my banners. If you can't find that letters for you big guys, just go to Walmart, Hobby Lobby or Dollar General and get them the plain wooden letters. Since it's your two older guys, it will be fine.

  4. You always find the best stuff at Dollar Tree. The window clings can also be added to frames, mirrors, plates, glasses, and etc. Just mod podge them. I watch a lot of different DIY'ers who use them on other things than just your windows.

  5. So #1, we love Oliver! He cracks me up!
    #2, I have noticed so many changes at our local Dollar Trees and none are for the better. I'm sad about it actually. I used to totally love the Dollar Tree and now it's a complete fail.
    You totally got some great finds.
    Another awesome video. Thanks Kiera!

  6. Wow, that's a super score on the bread! Yum, that Twisted Punch sounds good. That vase is very pretty. Those letters are cool! That will be a fun craft. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh so many wonderful finds this time, love that "hope sign", super cute. Such a score on the bread, we only use one or two loaves a month and my husband about near had a heart attack when I told him I only want the whole grain breads from now on, LOL. Thanks for sharing your haul with us, enjoy my friend.

  8. I check every time I go to my DT for that bread. Nothing yet. We do have the soap and love it too! I got the chalk pen for the WIFI sign I got there as well to write the password down for out guest when they come to visit. Those jars! beautiful, I was going to grab a few of those and spray paint them to fir my décor. Oh goodness! Now ill have to go back and check for the soda for my teen. Oh those peeps! I gave it to my husband for V-day. LOVE the hope sign! Btw your hair looks amazing.

  9. Isn’t the Dollar Tree so pretty this time of year with spring decor. So many great products. Very nice dollar tree haul! I’ve been shopping at DT often and making haul videos. It’s amazing that even though I shop a few different stores and watch a bunch of hauls people are still finding different items! Such variety. TYFS!