Margaritis Schinas, European Commission vice-president on human rights and European security

Margaritis Schinas, European Commission vice-president on human rights and European security

DW’s Jaafar Abdul-Karim talks to Margaritis Schinas, European Commission vice-president and Commissioner for Promoting the European Way of Life.


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  1. Ah yes, the European way of life. Would that be when you do everything you possibly think you can get away with to force people to have poorly tested vaccines that they absolutely do not need?

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  3. Surely the term "Human rights" refers to the idea that they are rights that should apply to all humas universally or have they changed the meaning recently without telling everyone. It's supposed to mean that every human should be awarded the same basic rights, anything else is called discrimination & I thought we were supposed to be moving on from that outdated concept.

  4. When you are ill is that mean that the others must respect your health situation or they can make extreme pressure, stealing the fame from others is not the right thing to do. If you want to deal with creativity do something for yourself. Using my creative work without my permission is human crime.
    Ypu must return my tables stolen from my laptop.

  5. Human rights is for humans otherwise it would be called European rights! England was already a super power before joining Europe. Once we became part of Europe the world was watching to see what would be achieved with such power.. Seems there was a degree of complacency instead of progress as that entire period of time now seems more like missed opportunities to genuinely sort out issues we now deem urgent or have only just found cause to address even though everyone was aware of them… Power that achieves sod all may as well not have power at all…if your gonna sit on your hands and watch the world crumble right up until the point we all end up suffering what's the point?? Europe with England intact should have been the most proactive power structure on the planet….but was that the case???

  6. What do you want from this conversation? Everybody knew what human rights is about, that is for European people, if you want the same rights and living in Europe, non,no,no, that is different topic.

  7. 15:40 our children in Europe do not know war – Yugoslav Wars 1991-2001: am I a joke to you? Some very short and selective memory there. Ethnic cleansing, genocide, convicted war crimes, crimes against humanity… allowed to go on for a decade in Europe. And you think the EU is are able to do something to improve Afghanistan? The interviewer should have had a field day with this.

  8. IF want to have ANY progress what-so-ever DIVIDE the discussion (and topics) into two

    The REASON is VERY simple – "Human Rights" is a very volatile/fragile thing, there's no constant in it.. Things can be added (or removed) from it by consensus (or private interest/s – even worse) whilst SECURITY is a permanent state of predefined methods (overall)

  9. "Every country is responsible for the welfare and rights of their own citizens"

    Maybe the discussion is not about the EU, is about third countries not taking care of their own people.
    The EU can not interviene in domestic affairs of Non-EU countries, for that we have got the US. 😉

  10. what about the ~27 million EU citizens living with "severe material deprivation"?
    what makes you think you should export your "values" when so many of your citizens lack them? it's like the EU and some member states are living in a different universe to ours and can't see the reality in our universe.

  11. Yes… we have a lot to be proud of. Doing an expacially great job on attempting to legalize the complex digital world – within the limitation that many of the predatory tech compannies are not European and thus outside our juridiction.

  12. Hmmmmm….Europe has a nice list of rights and protections (sounds a lot like Canada)…followed by a list exceptions under which Europe turns back certain people who don’t have any rights (which sounds a lot like the US under Trumps-poo).

  13. Yea only .
    They’re are the most similar to proper human behavior.
    How can you give human rights to animals .
    No mi amigo . Come and meet my ppl .
    You’ll find out , pretty quick , not all humans are human