Russia 'peacekeeping' forces march into Ukraine separatist regions | DW News

Russia 'peacekeeping' forces march into Ukraine separatist regions | DW News

The danger of a Russian invasion appears imminent, as Vladimir Putin orders his troops to enter Ukraine’s breakaway regions. In an emergency UN meeting, the US said Russia’s claim that troops were on a “peacekeeping” mission was “nonsense,” threatening Russia with dire consequences for its “unprovoked attack” on Ukraine. The move follows the Russian president’s recognition of self-proclaimed separatist territories in eastern Ukraine as “independent.” Western countries condemned the decision and vowed new sanctions.

00:00 Russian troops enter Donetsk and Luhansk
00:32 Latest developments
02:20 The situation in Ukraine
05:50 Conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk
09:05 What’s behind Russia’s actions
12:45 The European perspective
15:35 UN Security Council meeting
18:00 How does the US react?
19:20 Ukrainians flee the country
23:20 The regional implications for Eastern Europe
25:35 The Western strategy in the conflict


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  1. This reminds me of the West Philippines Sea's conflict where Xi Jin Ping also did not acknowledged the rights of the Phils. territory. It looks to me that Putin and Jin Ping are betting that it is possible to invade a country w/ strong force in a deceitful manners.

  2. Why do they want separation? It might be their (separatists) deprivations in the different ways. For a long time Mr. putin tried to manage the situation but the rebellions denied. Mr. Putin is a good man who never wants war. Ukraine government should go forward to settle the situation peacefully.

  3. Putin now makes threats to Norway and Sweden. Time to take this guy out. Pass Swift now. Later might be too late and will accomplish nothing. Putin has no intention of stopping with Ulkraine. The World needs to wake up!

  4. Putin telepathized with me tonight and told me that he will send 3 Atomic Wars to Frankfurt Main in the next war. He told me that he is bisexual.

  5. See the next phase, if Putin's generals are smart, is the siege phase. Up until this point he has been using his "green" forces. The 2nd phase of the attack is where the cities are surrounded and besieged thus preventing the tanks and personal from being killed and bogged down in city combat. A siege over a couple months would give the Russian's time to replenish supplies, heal the wounded, and plan the 3rd phase of attack where his generals move in the elite units. Meanwhile, the artillery, ships, and air strikes will bomb the cities day and night and lower the moral of the people and soldiers in those cities as well as cause starvation. Over time this will cause attrition damage to the besieged cities and thus could cause a surrender if done right.