The German Stare

The German Stare

🇩🇪Do Germans have a thing for staring? 👀
Is taking an “extra long look” strange or normal where you live?
#Germany #cultureshock


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DW Euromaxx

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  1. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking everyone on German subways was staring at me. Became even more obvious with all the masks. I guess they don’t mean to do it, but it is weird for sure.

  2. My experience with Germans is that they are more interested in people compared with other nations. On the news, the stories largely cover what is happening overseas, whereas in the UK and the US, the news mainly covers what is happening nationally with little interest in what is happening overseas. Germans like to ask me a lot of questions about New Zealand, but in the UK, people rarely show any interest.

  3. It's cultural. They do NOT mean anything by it. They feel that they are in a shared social space and they are together with everyone in it as a group, even if you are a stranger. It is NOT the "stinkeye" stare that you see in America or other countries, which is hostile.

    I find it interesting that for the rest of the world the German stare reveals low self-esteem and confidence in others. If you possess traits, the German stare will bother you. If you have confidence and a high self-esteem you won't care. People project their low self-esteem onto the objects and people they encounter, so they see it even if it's actually noth there.

  4. I am local person and always facing this when go out anywhere. Dont go to Sarawak there because a lot of aunties always stare rudely like this. They laughed and then keep staring in any place make me want to immigrate to other country. I will reply back to them if staring is normal just stare everybody inside the place for 10minutes above!

  5. Never heard of that, never noticed that, being German myself though.
    Maybe because of Alltagsblindheit.
    I only know that you certainly look around a bit on a public transport eg if someone gets in or out, but real staring doesn’t really happen like that I guess.

  6. They do that on the street too. I always see people doing that and when I notice they look away. I am always thinking I have something on my face or something is wrong with my clothes.