Footage of the first hours of Russia's attacks on Ukraine | DW News

Footage of the first hours of Russia's attacks on Ukraine | DW News

Russia has launched an invasion, starting war with it’s neighbour Ukraine – this is what we know about the first couple of hours of the invasion.


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  1. I am glad that Germany has finally acted to send arms. We are morally required to support freedom. Putin must be held personally accountable. Pray for the innocents Russia is killing.

  2. This all makes my stomach sour, mankind in all his greatest glory, fully capable of building ships to reach the stars, deciding wholeheartedly to instead build tanks and guns to murder each other. I use to be afraid of the thought of WW3, now I’d rather see my son and I go out in a flash rather than live the life Putin has chosen to give the Ukrainians. Stand up for something or lay down and die……. My thoughts heart and wishes are with the Ukrainian people. God bless you all…..

  3. If we talk about the war, Lenin was sponsored by Germany in 1917, he made a coup in the country and Lenin was paid by Germany, the whole threat comes from outside Russia, the whole threat is financed by other countries, because the Russian Empire was rich, other countries hated it.
    The lands of Ukraine were Russian, historically these lands belonged to Russia, Russia is fighting for its lands, the lands were allocated to Ukraine from 1917 to 1990, Ukraine is four times smaller than its current map. other countries should not interfere, this is a private matter for both countries, no country should interfere, war is not a reason to destroy the country's economy!

  4. No womder why iraqi and afghan people are happy. Ofcourse no one wants to kill innocemt people and i hope no innocnets died targetedly if thats a word. Stay safe everyone on both sides.

  5. Al things Russian needs to be boycotted. No room for aggressive animals acting this way. Russia will never succeed. Aggression never prospers. Putin will be defeated. Crazed maniac he is.

  6. Zelinsky Zelinsky is a CIA agent. First prasicute/arrest him, the war will be automatically ended and will be saved the Ukranian people.

  7. ❗️Важно. Информация от СБУ: В российском селе Поповка которое граничит с Краснопольским районом Сумской области рашистские «Грады» развернули в сторону РФ по ходу движения от украинской границы.

    В СБУ предполагают, что оккупанты готовятся устроить провокацию и обстрел своей же территории – с целью обвинения Украины в атаке гражданского населения РФ.

    СБУ просит максимально распространить это сообщение, чтобы предать его широкой огласке и сорвать провокацию. Слава Україні иа її героям!