Russia invades Ukraine: What is Putin's plan? | DW News

Russia invades Ukraine: What is Putin's plan? | DW News

Russian President Vladimir Putin launches a full-scale attack on Ukraine. What is his plan? Mikhail Kasyanov served as Prime Minister of Russia under President Vladimir Putin from 2000 to 2004. He’s now one of the most high-profile Kremlin opponents in Russia. Talking to DW, Kasyanov said that the “situation right now is absolutely unpredictable.”


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  1. Who is responsible for the crises in Europe that threaten world peace and security?

    Until 1990: NATO had 16 members

    Russia: Don't expand further

    NATO: Okay we will not expand (verbally, blunder by Gorbachev in trust).

    1999: Poland, Hungary and Czech republic joined NATO

    Russia: But you said you won't expand!

    NATO: Where is the written document.

    2004: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined NATO

    Russia: But you said you won't expand!

    NATO: Where is the written document

    2009: Albania and Croatia joined NATO

    Russia: But you said you won't expand

    NATO: Where is the written document

    2017: Montenegro and North Macedonia joined NATO

    Russia: But you said you won't expand!

    NATO: Where is the written document.

    2021: NATO invites and approves induction of Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and

    Ukraine w

    Russia: Enough is enough, you are betraying us ever since 1990s, if we allow you, you will deploy missiles on our borders.

    NATO: Russia is so aggressive, they are evil, they don't think about humanity, Russia is expanding. Putin is being unreasonable……

    Now devise for yourself “who is at fault”


  2. The people of Ukraine and people of Russian all of them day don't like war only the politician,rich people around the politician,and other group's they called the protector of humanity. GOD PLS. teach them the true meaning of saving the humanity.

  3. Putin doesn't have to retain all of Ukraine just be the liberator of Eastern Ukraine. Such as East and West Berlin. That way he can claim Liberator Status. And appearing as The Wounded Tiger backed into a corner by the West.

  4. Whats happening right now is a well thought plan by China and Russia. China started war on the west with covid first. That weakened the west in many ways. And now right after pandemic Russia starts war

  5. Okey…why Ukraine shot down Russian passenger planes 4times?built Huge water reservoirs (dams)against Crimea..Ukraine cut off the fresh water supply to Crimea by damming a canal that had supplied 85% of the peninsula's needs before Moscow destroyed the Dams in 2014!!! Ukraine shot down Malaysia airlines flight 17…so many Crimes Ukraine did..why no one's talking about Ukraine Neo-Nazism

    Russia did good thing…we support Russia from India…

  6. Russia asked to join NATO but was rejected. NATO and US had an agreement that they wouldn't move their forces past Germany. They broke the agreement. Ex Soviet states were invited to NATO. Each of these states were armed with new equipment and missile systems that can be fitted with nukes pointing at Russia. The US and NATO then pull out of the nuclear treaty. Each step along the way Putin has been warning and near begging for these steps to stop but nobody listened and kept taking an extra inch. This is the result. It's all built up and all the media reports on is the outcome. Shame.

  7. Putin sentenced innocents to death.. the richest man on earth kills for the sake of his ego , so sad … kills innocent children, those children never threatened u putin ., u can’t bring them back to life….

  8. If russian wins they are going to attack a next country and now a next country is soporting russia and a the inforgraphic show pridicted this a year a go