Russia launches military attacks on Ukraine | DW News

Russia launches military attacks on Ukraine | DW News

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says Russia has launched a “full-scale invasion of Ukraine.” President Vladimir Putin earlier said Russia was to conduct a “military operation.”

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  1. you can not brain wash me OUR people are clever not fool l have find out none of yours stories are not true and you did worse killing in Iraq and many others

  2. This is exactly what Putin wants. He knows that NATO was bluffing when they vowed to defend Ukraine. Every day that goes by when the Ukrainians see how alone they are, is one more step towards Russia rebuilding the old Soviet Union.

  3. Decision making is a very important process in human life. This is the crucial opportunity to exercise this privilege in human life. In a critical case like this the delicate question is who should take this decision. By taking a crucial decision the whole humanity can be saved. To my mind the security council of u.n.o. is the most appropriate organization to take a crucial decision to save, truly, the total humanity because very painfully after the second world war it was painfully formed.
    A simple man by name Henry d'silva is asking this to save this beautiful humanity. God bless you all and grant a wisdom to each one of you.

  4. There would be no wars, if nato did not exist and if usa inverted in nation building instead of military industry, corrupt authority, leaders take standard 10M to order war, in USA

  5. Does anyone else besides me feel upset at all the people I run in to that barely know what’s going on in Ukraine? People could care less. They don’t know where Ukraine is, they don’t care at all about the people being murdered, bombed. They don’t have a clue. I can barely sleep but am surrounded by reptiles just looking for food & sex.

  6. Putin declared War on and invaded a Sovereign nation for personal gain. Replacing Mayors by puppets to support his regime is a further violation. It is also despicable to see how civilians are being attacked in flats and shelters as opposed to concentrate the conflict on military targets. We also see that escape routes for civilians are being blocked by Russian troops. To use the words "military operation" is idiotic and not fooling anyone.

  7. Talking of plundering a country how did Putin, a life long civil servant, amass billions of dollars of personal wealth? Maybe Russian civil servants are really well paid?