Ukraine under attack: Is Europe powerless against Putin? | To the point

Ukraine under attack: Is Europe powerless against Putin? | To the point

The world looks on as Russian President Vladimir Putin launches a full-scale attack on Ukraine.
And now it’s becoming clear that he intends to use his country’s military might in a bid to re-write European history. The West, meanwhile, has been imposing what have been described as the toughest sanctions ever. But Putin is clearly not impressed. So, is it time for Europe’s democracies to face up to some new and uncomfortable truths and, perhaps, fight for their future?
On TO THE POINT we ask: Ukraine under attack: Is Europe powerless against Putin?
Our guests: Ulrike von Hirschhausen (historian), Vendeline von Bredow (Economist), Matthew Karnitschnig (Politico)

00:00 Ukraine under attack: Is Europe powerless against Putin?

02:00 Revival of a Great Russia?

07:06 It’s too late for diplomacy

09:36 Militarisation of NATO’s eastern flank

12:20 How will the people of Ukraine react?

15.37 European stability: the US perspective

18.26 Is Germany ready to defend itself?

21:45 How to defend democracy?

24:25 Germany’s historic debt


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  1. We know better . We want better. You want a battle. Use you're minds and rhetoric… Enough baseless killing. We have lost Enough brothers mother's sisters and brothers.

  2. I see this truth: Putin does not only want to control and destroy Ukraine, but Putin wants to destroy the entire Europe obviously. He wants the WAR, he does not want Europe controls Russia, he is the world EVIL. All the European will be gone by the nuclear bomb. I am so concerned. Do you see it as I saw?

  3. Putin needs the International reinforcement to be removed from the earth to be jailed forever seriously and immediately. If Europe or the international reinforcement hesitate to do this, I see it happening soon. Ugh!

  4. Stop talking and analyzing all these, We need the real action immediately, its already clear enough with Putin's evil purpose. Whats wait for? This is urgent!!! I am impatient now.

  5. European conspiracy to keep America away from Europe. In my research, I understood Europe now prefer Russians than Americans. Europeans want to make a way for Russians. That's the reason why they don't want to protect Ukraine! You might think I am crazy but I am not! I think, Europe will get into trouble without USA

  6. Europeans never realize that they are unable to pursue diplomacy which's independent of the US with Russia. It's evident that the incapacity of the EU to live up JCPOA agreement after the US withdrawal. Therefore, There's no idea of entertaining Russia need not pursue diplomacy.

  7. One day all of you commentators will learn that Russia did the right thing .. it’s like with the 911 everybody at first thought it was bin laden , and To find out after that it was all AMERICA. Right now you all wasting your time cheering for Ukraine !!! Remember that!!!!!!!