Western nations announce first reactions to Russia's invasion of Ukraine | DW News

Western nations announce first reactions to Russia's invasion of Ukraine | DW News

European Union leaders are to discuss new sanctions on Russia at an emergency meeting later on Thursday in reaction to its attack on Ukraine, the bloc has said. At a press conference, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for “bringing war back to Europe” in an “unprecedented act of aggression … against a sovereign, independent country.” “Russia’s target is not only the Donbas; the target is not just Ukraine; the target is the stability of Europe and the whole of the international peace order,” she said. She said new EU sanctions would be imposed on Russia’s access to “key technologies and markets.” The bloc would also freeze Russian assets in Europe and block Moscow’s access to European financial markets,” she added. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said the raft of sanctions to be discussed at the meeting were the “strongest, the harshest package” ever considered.

Russian tanks have entered Ukraine in the Luhansk region as well as from Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014, Ukraine’s border guard service reports. The border guard also reported one casualty from shelling on the border with Crimea, the first confirmed military death during the invasion. Earlier Ukraine said eight people had died in the shelling. Police in Ukraine have said they are distributing weapons to vetrans. Russia’s Defense Ministry said its air campaign against Ukraine was not targeting cities and did not pose a threat to civilians, according to the Russian state-run RIA news agency.

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  1. And everyone was harping on Dubya for declaring war on Iraq.
    It's like Putin was bored and like the psychopath he is decided to invade Ukraine for no legitimate reason.

  2. This was exactly the goal of the US to stimulate the selling of weapons for trillions of dollars. Once again the US working behind the scenes to destroy other countries and economies.

  3. I support Russia….and I respect vladimir putin….he tried to save two states who are tortured by Ukraine… this two states asked help from president Putin…

  4. Asian student's particularly indians while leaving Ukraine border facing racial discrimination in the hands of Ukraine security forces, very very sad incident happened no one From west are talking about this.

    Ukraine security forces are using Indians particularly students as security shields to protect themselves from Russian attack, while doing this one Indian student died in shelling….

  5. The Prime Ministers and Presidents of the nations of the world, the Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi, the Chief Ministers of the States, and the Chief Ministers of the Union Territories, enact laws on the Right to Education, the Right to Work, and the Right to Health as a lasting solution to the Well-being of all the Peoples of the World.

  6. All Political Parties in the World, Human Rights Activists, Media, Indian Political Parties such as Congress, Communist, BJP, DK, DMK, ADMK, SP, BSP and all Political Parties, We along with Positive Politics, will enact Laws of the Right to Education, the Right to Work and the Right to Health for all the people of the world, a Permanent Solution for the Well-being of the people of this World.

  7. Hello to all the People in this World. Congratulations.
    The Permanent Solution to the well-being of this World is to enact Quality Education Rights, Employment Rights and Health Rights Laws for the entire population of the world.
    The Right to Education, the Right to Work and the Right to Health can only be enacted by the enormous suffrage afforded by Democratic Politics to the People of the World.
    We will bring the Well-being of this World by voting our Massive Vote to the political party that enacts the Laws of the Right to Education, the Right to Work, the Right to Health with Positive Politics.

  8. STOP this bloodshed, USA and Russian presidents, put your EGOs in the places behind you, we all know. .You send our sons to death!!!
    You are ready to push a nuclear bottom and destroy our planet and millions of lives of other people just because you are pissed off – Russian president or proud of yourself and think you are chief of a world – American one!
    We want a piece, we are all sick and tired from
    bad news!!!! Seat down and talk, appoint a mediator and prove that you are the intelligent people and can negotiate and get to a piece! We all know that this nuclear war can be last one!!!!!

  9. The stupidity of this is that the west and American feeding 2 monsters in the world. One is Russia, the other is China. Both are dictator and authoritarian toxic regime which always against democracy and freedom. China is another dangerous monster that we have fed them for decades by moving all manufactures and supply chain to China. We gave all the economic power to China. This making us depend so deeply to China in supply chain and depend deeply on Russia on oil and gas energy. Now we fight Putin, sanction on Russia, but then don't we know China is feeding Russia behind the scene? China can supply all kind of products Putin needs to feed the war machine.

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