Anonymous Hackers Fight Against Russia Targeting Websites

Anonymous Hackers Fight Against Russia Targeting Websites

Online vigilantes are joining the fight against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. Hackers associated with Anonymous claimed responsibility for taking down Russian news site RT, which many decry as a propaganda outlet for Vladmir Putin. The result was only temporary, though. RT even confirmed the distributed disruption of service on Twitter but said it repelled the hit on its servers. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.


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  1. Why is Russia such a slimeball of a country? Starting wars, hacking other countries, hacking elections, cheating in the Olympics and executing any citizen that doesn’t believe their way of life.

  2. Dear Anonymous pls hack that Internet connections of evil Putin as he ordered more attacks in Ukraine.make his govt computers disabled forever.. let them.sufferf for his war crimes…if he can't communicate to the forces in Ukraine his orders will.never reach them.hes internet in Siberian underground

  3. Freedom for Ukraine, down with the fascist Putin and his greedy clique. National Bank Ukraine NBU opens special account to collect donations for Ukrainian Armed Forces.

  4. Sorry. But if you don’t understand the true issue going on (which looks like the hackers don’t), then they should not be virtue signaling. What a waste of human energy. Good grief.

  5. Yeah stop putin from getting revenge I mean like who would get revenge to a person who kill your people.
    I mean like if I torture your family and show it to you. You must stay emotionless cause if you get mad it will lead to revenge. And getting a revenge is something much more unforgivable than seeing your own people get torture.

  6. If the US was smart (Which were not) we would make a deal with them to carry out tasks when we need it and in return they get private funding and agree not to cause unnecessary trouble.

  7. Yeah… all fine and dandy. Just remember to do the same thing for other illegal invasions and injustice of wars/conflicts around the world, eh!

    Where were these hackers during the US illegal invasion of Iraq? How about the illegal attacks and murdering of civilians while taking their lands from the Israelis and their government policies against the Palestinians? What about the current regime-changed Syrian war which started by US, and now has morphed into a greater war with Russia, and Turkey involvement?

    A bunch of hypocrites with mass mentality of a cow herd!