Trump CLOWNS Himself Thinking U.S. Invaded Ukraine

Trump CLOWNS Himself Thinking U.S. Invaded Ukraine

In an interview during Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show, Trump mistakenly believed that the U.S. invaded Ukraine in order to combat Russian troops. Trump also took time to slam the Biden Administration’s handling of the situation and the administration’s energy policies. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“During a phone interview on Fox News, former President Donald Trump mistakenly stated that American forces made an amphibious landing in Ukraine as Russia was invading the country.

Trump unexpectedly called into The Ingraham Angle shortly after Russia commenced its invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday night. The 45th president apparently felt it was a decent time to phone into Fox News and air his grievances about President Joe Biden.
At one point during Trump’s discussion with Laura Ingraham, he slammed Biden’s approach to energy policy.

“He doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing,” said Trump. “It’s a disgrace. It’s an absolute disgrace. We have get back into the real world now. We had energy at a level that nobody’s ever seen.”

Ingraham subsequently mentioned a vague report about a landing.”


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  1. Why do you care?
    I don’t give a shit about Obama when he left office, I sure as hell ain’t going to give 2 shits when Biden gets voted out of office.
    It’s almost as if you want him to be president again.

  2. This whole Fake News Channel is dedicated to Trump.

    “In other news Jimmy Carter’s alive and well and built a house…. Hillary Clinton is still out there.”

  3. Fox News has been doing this for over 20 some years and they’re one-sided they hate Democrats at least Democrats try to help people in the United States and not just give it back to the rich

  4. He didn't get confused she misspoke. She said " the US is looking at an amphibious landing in Ukraine" meaning the US was invading. Y'all should learn to listen instead of believe everything you hear.

  5. Point of Order…Those UFO Aliens will not allow Putin to use nuclear weapons. That is final, proof in our own past, UFOs hoovered and took ours one missile at a time until they were all unable to function. Watch the median, after Trump finds this comment, he will own it. Waiting for his next unvailing of news-not news=fake news!

  6. To be fair she said "us officials are looking at a possible amphibious attack". Maybe he thought she was referring to the US landing to fight off Russia. I'm not sure, but it didn't sound strange to me aside from, as you mentioned if that were happening it would be HUGE news and he didn't think that was big news.

    Progressive here, BTW. And agree Trump is probably beginning to lose his mind. Just that that statement didn't sound like he thought the US was invading

  7. Once again FOX News and Laura Ingraham proves that they will find any way to blame America/Biden as being WEAK, simply because President Biden is trying to prevent World War III… It would be easy for NATO/America to get involved in Ukraine, but it would only make a bad situation WORSE. Zelensky should have asked for a 'No Fly' zone when he first learned Russia was amassing troops on his Border. POTUS Biden warned Ukraine, Zelensky said the Americans are Alarming my citizens.

  8. Trump gets his news updates directly from putin himself, trump should know by now putin lies like trump. So in actual fact trump has no idea what day it is, my bet is trump's probably got his pants on back to front again.

  9. Him saying this would have never happened if he were re elected is nothing that can be proven. I think it would have happened if he was president. He's most likely behind the attack with putin.