Ukraine reportedly battling Russian troops on the outskirts of Kyiv | DW News

Ukraine reportedly battling Russian troops on the outskirts of Kyiv | DW News

Russian forces would enter areas outside Kyiv on Friday, a top Ukrainian defense official has said. Ukraine’s president called on the international community to help his country.

Explosions were heard in Ukraine’s second-largest city Kharkiv, which lies close to Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia, on Friday with the mayor telling residents to seek shelter from Russian missiles in subway stations, basements and bomb shelters, Reuters news agency reported. Air raid sirens were set off in cities across the country as reports emerged of rockets landing in residential areas.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday that Russia wanted to “liberate Ukrainians from oppression,” adding that the invading force is not planning to occupy Ukraine, Reuters reported.
The aim of the invasion, according to Lavrov, is to demilitarize Ukraine. He went on to say that Russia wants the Ukrainian people to be independent and determine their own destiny. Lavrov added that Moscow would engage in talks with Kyiv, but only after the Ukrainian military laid down its weapons.
The Kremlin on Friday also pledged to retaliate to Western sanctions. It acknowledged that sanctions would be damaging, but that the problems they may cause would be solvable. “It goes without saying that retaliatory measures will follow,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. “Just how symmetrical or asymmetrical they will be depends on the analysis, the restrictions have yet to be analysed,” he added. The comments from the Kremlin came as the EU announced that it was preparing further emergency sanctions against Russia.
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DW News

DW News


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  1. Great Russian soldiers. You are murdering in another country. Don't be a shameful Russian and don't lose your chance to become a great Russian. All the peoples of the world want a great Russia. The world has not yet given up on the great Russia. I hope you take your last chance.

  2. Our sanctions are working! The Russian Central Bank announced that it would raise interest rates by 20%! We need to increase sanctions! Short the ruble! Let Russia pay the price!

  3. This is not like WWII. The banking oligarks want us at war with Russia. We cant continue to beleive Lamestream Media lies. Thay will fabricate and even put in false flag events to take us into war.

  4. Prevent WW3 by nuking kyev now. as small price to pay to prevent another 30 million russian dead from the eU 4th reich. EU is run by childless pedophiles. EU is not a democracy but an unelected clique

  5. This is a nightmare for everyone involved. The soldiers being captured are saying they were not even told they were coming to fight until they arrived. Russians are not the monsters, Putin and his Oligarchs are. There’s going to be a revolution in Russia after the economy collapses.

  6. Russia is displaying evil just as the Bildeburg's, Illuminati and other puppeteer's of "The West"! None are innocent! We need peace though now! They those Oligarch's of all these nation's who they puppeteer, fight one another! The war will be over in a day or a week!

  7. Esté es el comunismo .y el problema de dejar presidente por años ..y mucho más cuando son de mucho dinero ,miren las consecuencias ,y también los países no deben de depender de otros , ,la libertad del ser humano es muy sagrado ,ya quieren limitarnos , ésto está muy ,muy mal . Dios misericordia para el mundo entero ..

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