Germany decides to send weapons from its military to Ukraine | DW News

Germany decides to send weapons from its military to Ukraine | DW News

The German military will send 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 “Stinger” class surface-to-air missiles to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion, the government announced. Government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said the weapons would be delivered as soon as possible to support the Ukrainian military. Chancellor Olaf Scholz said it was Germany’s “duty to support Ukraine to the best of its ability in defending itself against the invading army of Vladimir Putin.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy praised Germany’s decision to send weapons, in a major reversal of policy for Berlin. “Keep it up, Chancellor Olaf Scholz! Anti-war coalition in action!” Zelenskyy tweeted.

Earlier Saturday Berlin authorized NATO partners the Netherlands and Estonia arms deliveries to Ukraine. For the Netherlands, 400 German-made anti-tank weapons are involved, while Estonia was granted approval to sent artillery from old GDR (East German) stocks.

The move marks a major change of course for Germany, which had until now refused the delivery of lethal weapons to Ukraine due to its policy of not sending weapons to a conflict zone.

The Netherlands also said it would sent anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, according to the Dutch defense ministry.


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  1. 8 years were refugers from Donetck and Lugansk and EU, usa,UK just ignore.Why?
    When in 2014 year were burned russian alive- its was Laugh and joy by ministers and police boss reaction,sadism of EU and Baltic states.
    On alive burned people they told – Its very good view how burn russian insects.
    Why there is segragation on right refugers and wrong refugers?
    Why there is separatism on -Look good view when burn russians alive and bad view when non russian. Its nazy Nato.Russia save Ukraine future from fasizm again and children future from 3 gender.

  2. WHY IS GERMANY … HOME OF THE HOLOCAUST… detaching from the fight against dictatorship crimes against humanity. Germany is setting a state for it's support when the German people's needs come again.

  3. Who is creating this war? The western world knows it all, so in my opinion this western world is terrorism, the number one criminal of terrorism? They have two principles and two principles for those who have birth problems

  4. Now that NATO is afraid of Putin showing up on their doorstep they are waking up. They will not give up Russian gas and oil as they have made their bed and have to lie in it. Trump warned them that they could not afford to rely on Russia for their gas and oil.

  5. Detsche Welle – you exaggerate Germany's aid to Ukraine. I understand that the West has a moral hangover. So you have to write a lot and exaggerate the help for Ukraine from Germany, the Netherlands and France. In fact, these countries have done little. The Germans turned out to be a calculating businessman and a coward. Russia destroyed Ukraine and murdered people, and the Germans waited 7-8 days with sanctions. It's vile and inhuman. We in Eastern Europe do not understand Germany's love for Russia. It's a deviation.

  6. Today we see the shitshow sending weapons to Ukraine created over 180 dead and training camp destroyed ..stop creating more conflict .. where the people have not fought there is now peace

  7. STOP this bloodshed, USA and Russian presidents, put your EGOs in the places behind you, we all know. .You send our sons to death!!!
    You are ready to push a nuclear bottom and destroy our planet and millions of lives of other people just because you are pissed off – Russian president or proud of yourself and think you are chief of a world – American one!
    We want a piece, we are all sick and tired from
    bad news!!!! Seat down and talk, appoint a mediator and prove that you are the intelligent people and can negotiate and get to a piece! We all know that this nuclear war can be last one!!!!!

  8. Germany's help came too late too little. Initially sent 5000 helmets and pledged 2 bn euro economic aid to rebuild Ukraine over the next few years. The irony is, you are talking about potentially send the aid to Russia, if in a few years time.

  9. This MTF ker he's now over 70 years old that's mean he doesn't have many more years on this earth, why the Russian let him design how will your children to live?

  10. All these informations need to stay confidential (even they good spy to know) but at least don t put oil on fire do not understand these policians daily speaking out in all countries. Putin just turn on TV…Do you have any news from Poutine next move !!!pouffffffff

  11. This war is not between Russia and Ukraine. With rate at which Ukraine is receiving arms from the West, it has become a battle between Russia vs Ukraine+ NATO.
    Russia can only win if it devotes much resources to intelligence and immediate destruction of weapons once they arrive inside Ukraine.

  12. So Germany is guilty on the death of people. Everyone who is sending weapens, is guilty. This has nothing to with selfdefence. Besides, the world does not need Ukraine. Biden and his gang is only interested in money and power. They do not care about people. Zelensky is just a servant, he is pion. He just got permission to offer neutrality of Ukraine. No one is free. In Europe countries are not independent anymore. Ukraine has no sovereighnity. It is a provence of the U.S.
    People seem to forget the Cuba crisis in 1962 and the Monroe doctrine. When Russia would want to put missiles in Cuba, the U.S. would nuke Cuba. So what are we talking about?
    And of course I am against this war. And of course I am against Putin. And of course I am against Biden and against Zelensky. All those so called leaders are no real leaders. They are criminals.
    When they send weapens, it is show.

  13. SOS from Russia: Putin is a WORLDWIDE CRIMINAL! Goodwill people! FORCE NATO to CLOSE the SKY OVER UKRAINE. This is the only way to stop Putin. Otherwise, you will be the next victim of his aggression! Don't be afraid of a nuclear strike from his side – he cannot do it alone, and the top militaries around him have families and want to live. It's just a threat from his part.

  14. We soldiers in 1973 ISRAEL had less Tanks than the Arab nations but much better fighters, yet the Soviet Russians gave the Arabs the world's best AntiTank weapons and they destroyed our tank force, We won the war Thank G-d but most dead were tank crews. 1975 our Infantry unit was equipped with USA T.O.W. anti tank missiles, I served from age 18-40. My SON drove a Tank. In his 3 year Draft they NEVER saw real action. IS the Tank dead??? The Anti Tank units are well alive.

  15. Looks like Germany loves neonazis once again. If they only know the history and in recent times who run their government, they would be staying neutral, but again an apple does not fall far from the tree doesn't it? Same thing with all other western nato counties including mine. Hypocrisy on the highest level