LIVE: View of Kyiv as Russia launches major Ukraine invasion | DW News

LIVE: View of Kyiv as Russia launches major Ukraine invasion | DW News

Ukrainian forces battle Russian troops on multiple fronts, including the outskirts of Kyiv. Here is a live view of the Ukrainian capital.


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  1. Many of the live stream feeds in Ukraine are slowly going off line yet Youtube sites like this are still providing time delayed feeds from several days or weeks ago. I fear that this is going to play into Russian narrative that everything seems fine when people come to these sites and see what looks like a peaceful scene on the camera not realizing it's from some time ago. I'm urging content creators like this to put a clear disclaimer on the screen or take the feed down all-together.

  2. I light my Jesus candle and pray everyday for Ukrainian people. I wish I could take a couple families the orphans and bring them here so they are safe. Breaks my heart to see the kids suffer and it's not their fault. They don't deserve this. I'm learning Ukrainian language in case God sends some families my way. Id do it in a heart beat.

  3. The US and European governments are lying about Russia trying to hide their guilt in what is happening. Having leverage, they block Russian users and the media. A photo of Ukrainian female soldiers with the symbol of fascists on their uniforms was removed from a Canadian news site yesterday. Today they decided to destroy the Russians, and tomorrow they will come for you.

    Russians and Ukrainians are one, many Russians have families in Ukraine, that's why it's important for Russians. They are not killing civilians, they are trying to save them from the National security guards who are holding them hostage in residential areas.

    If you don't believe the Russians, look at the news of those countries that have nothing to do with the conflict. There are websites that expose all the fakes of the Ukrainian government.

    For example, a lie about a maternity hospital, everyone was taken out of this surrender on 28.02.22. There was the headquarters of the fascist battalions.

    Films that tell the truth about Donbass are banned in European countries and USA. These are the films of Paul Moreira "The Mask of the Ukrainian "revolution".
    Or the film of the French journalist Bonnelle, who shot in 2015, shot an almost hour-long documentary in the Donbas and about the atrocities of the fascists there.

  4. Russia will win sooner or later , Now Its ukarain govts time to decide what is the losses of lfe on each side . So I think Ukrain should try to nigotiate . Instead his leaders are calling people to fight , which will bring kill or get killed. Also I think western arms at this stage will do no good help , instead it will increase losses of life and assets on both sides.