Putin puts Russia's nuclear forces on high alert | DW News

Putin puts Russia's nuclear forces on high alert | DW News

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office says it will hold talks with Russian officials at the border with Belarus. Russia says its delegation has flown in for the talks. It’s not clear when negotiations might begin.
In other developments, President Vladimir Putin has put Russia’s nuclear forces on alert in an escalation of tensions with the West. The US has accused him of ‘manufacturing threats.’
Fighting continues on the ground in Ukraine. Russian forces have attacked fuel depots and there are reports of explosions outside the capital Kyiv. The mayor says there are no Russian troops in the city. Battles are still going on around other population centers.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has put his ‘deterrence forces’ – including nuclear-armed forces – on high alert.
In a video speech distributed by the Kremlin, Putin said that NATO powers had made aggressive statements toward Russia. He also cited economic sanctions that will cut off major Russian banks from international transactions.

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  1. Look at Palestine. Palestinian doesn't have an army, air force or navy yet they get bombarded in densely populated area all the time. 72 children and hundreds civilians died in the last attack alone!!!! It is time to open investigation for a war crimes in Palestine, Iraq, Lybia, Syria and other places

  2. The president of Ukraine subjects his people to resist with death and destruction, and thus they call him a Hero, forcing everyone

    to take up arms and fight, knowing that he will not be able to win against Russia.

    In the process, he ignores the seriousness of the problem and only tries to escalate the war to Nuclear with the intention of including the USA and Europe in the conflict, which would guarantee a nuclear war.

    The president of Ukraine sacrifices all his people and would equally sacrifice Humanity to maintain his position of not surrendering.

    There is a saying that it takes two to fight.

    For me, the president of Ukraine is brutal and obstinate in maintaining power and the presidency at the cost of innocent lives.

    I am very concerned as I see the media appealing to public opinion to rally support for the stubborn president of Ukraine without thinking

    in the catastrophic results that an escalation at the Nuclear level could bring us.

    Let's not feed the war.

    Which one do you vote for?

    RESISTANCE = The President Continues = Thousands of Deaths = Escalation to Nuclear = End of Civilization

    SURRENDER = New President in Ukraine = Zero Deaths = Zero Destruction = Civilization Survive

    Let us reflect without mixed emotions, sensibly with wisdom.

    If I love my family, I do not subject it to a sacrifice.

  3. At a time when the world is faced with the possible use of nuclear weapons again, it is a good time to look back and remember the devastation wrought by the uranium bomb used on Hiroshima and the plutonium bomb on Nagasaki in 1945 in Japan.
    I have just finished reading an excellent children's book "The Day of The Bomb" written by Karl Bruckner, published in 1962. The story was written about Sadako Sasaki, a 4 year old girl, who had only a mild burn but died 10 years later from Leukemia cause by gamma ray radiation. The statistics are his. The Japanese people who survived, called it "The Thunderbolt". It exploded 100x brighter than the sun, radiated several million degrees of heat, and in Hiroshima alone 86,100 people were burned to death, 72,000 people were severely injured, 6,820 houses were blown to pieces and deadly neutrons and gamma-rays bombarded everything close by. The radiation from the gamma-rays left a deadly legacy that caused the deaths of many of those who survived the blast.
    In Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park there is a statue dedicated to Sadako Sasaki and the 1000,s of child victims who died or suffered because of this bombing.
    And today Ukraine and the world is faced with weapons of this destructive and deadly ability in the hands of ONE Mad Man who has threatened to use them, and not just Ukraine will suffer, but the whole world will be affected in some way.
    And the bombs Putin has in his arsenal have a destructive force 1000x greater than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in seconds.
    ALL of us are threatened by this, And ALL of us must proclaim " THERE MUST NEVER BE ANOTHER HIROSHIMA". If we don't realise the danger we are in, then we will not worry about it, and if we don't worry about it, we are more likely to lose our life to this deadly threat, especially when the hand on the button is the hand of a MAD MAN, Vladimir Putin.

  4. Everything is a drill because Russia would have already destroyed Ukraine in a day and the media tries to make President Putin the bad guy, but it is in the interest of other countries, mainly the United States. Many Russians live in Ukraine and also because they report very few deaths. If Russia wanted to destroy the entire world, she would do it in minutes. I believe in President Putin and I think he is very intelligent and if he wanted to do harm, since when Ukraine would have already disappeared. It is all a lie to discredit President Putin.

  5. As soon as Russia talked Nuclear, All the Nato Countries went to red alert and can push the buttons real fast. Puttin won't have enough time to lunch # 2

  6. The military of RU and US-NATO should do a takeover and pass-down the power to the technicians, 'cos the technicians are much more smarter than the egotistical socio-economic oligarchs that are pulling the strings!

    Technicians = S.T.E.M. experts!

  7. When a wolf is cornered, it starts to bite. Russia does not put its missiles in Mexico, as NATO wants to do in Ukraine. Don't poke your nose into other people's business.