Ukraine and Russia negotiators meet for peace talks at Ukraine-Belarus border | DW News

Ukraine and Russia negotiators meet for peace talks at Ukraine-Belarus border | DW News

Ukraine demanded an immediate Russian ceasefire and troop withdrawal on Monday as its delegation arrived in Belarus for talks with Russian negotiators. Ukraine’s delegation is set to meet Russian representatives for the first talks since Moscow’s invasion, as the fighting for several Ukrainian cities continues and the Russian rouble collapses. “The Ukrainian delegation arrived at the Ukrainian-Belarusian border to take part in talks with representatives of the Russian Federation,” the Ukrainian presidency said in a statement. “The key issue of the talks is an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a separate statement urged Russian troops to abandon their equipment and leave the battlefield in order to save their lives, claiming that more than 4,500 Russian soldiers had already lost their lives. He also urged the European Union to give Ukraine “immediate” membership, via a special procedure. Russian state media posted videos of Ukrainian delegates arriving to the talks by helicopter.

Russian forces have taken over the towns of Berdyansk and Enerhodar in Ukraine’s southeastern Zaporizhzhya region as well as the area around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, Interfax quoted Russia’s defence ministry as saying on Monday. The plant’s operations continued normally, it said. Meanwhile, Britain’s defense ministry said that Russia’s advance on Kyiv has been slowed by logistical failures and fierce Ukrainian resistance. “The bulk of [President Vladimir] Putin’s ground forces remain more than 30km [18.6 miles] to the north of Kyiv their advance having been slowed by Ukrainian forces defending Hostomel airfield, a key Russian objective for day one of the conflict,” the ministry said. “Logistical failures and staunch Ukrainian resistance continue to frustrate the Russian advance.” The Ukrainian military also accused Russia of launching a missile strike on residential buildings in the cities of Zhytomyr and Chernigiv, cities in the country’s northwest and north. “At the same time, all attempts by the Russian invaders to achieve the goal of the military operation failed,” the military said. “The enemy is demoralized and bears heavy losses,” it claimed.


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  1. If the president of ukrain surrender his land then he should do that negotiation in the beggining so that no hospital school,building infrastracture to be damage

  2. Peace Talks ? It's like a bully is beating you up and then demands/offers "peace talks" while still beating you up. To call it "Peace Talks" is a joke.

  3. Oh com'on this isn't over by a long shot, it would be a blessing if Peace were possible, but too much damage has been done and too many innocent people have died, and the monster ( Putin) is still standing,

  4. The Ukrainian authorities have been bombing civilians for 8 years, they have been killing their own population, children, and now when Russia has stood up for Ukraine, suddenly the whole world is talking about it. The Russians are saving the peaceful population of Ukraine from the fascists.

  5. 2 weeks ago news is not no news ,its history….Be current there is war going on daily, who wants stale news two weeks ago.. two weeks ago the war had just started..3million people have fled the war zone since then…

  6. Both of you are victims of the divide and rule policy. Both of you are a part of the Soviet Union, you should understand each other and not be hostile to each other. Your country is now being pushed into a very deep abyss and it will be difficult to return. The opinion of the world community is directed that you hate and kill each other. Are you two aware, the power of your country is being weakened! Are you aware that certain parties are planning this scenario! Are your hearts not touched to see the corpses, cries and suffering of your citizens. You two are putting on a terrible show, while the director behind this war is hiding and developing the story line. You two and the director, please stop the war, understand and forgive each other, and forget the mistakes. I don't want revenge to shackle my heart and prevent peace.

    My brothers in Russia and Ukraine. Dear Mr. Putin and Mr. Zelenskyy. Dear all people around the world. All that's left of the war are corpses, destruction, and vengeance. When the two of you are at war, all the people on the surface of the earth are also at war. I will not blame and side with any of you. I hope all people and all countries around the world, forgive each other, eliminate mutual suspicion, forget mistakes and grudges, help each other and continue to build their country, because in this way world peace can be realized.

    As this holy month of Ramadan approaches, I want to pray for both of you and everyone on earth. God, please stop the war. God, open their hearts so that they may consult and understand one another. God, remove the grudge in their hearts. God, forgive our sins and mistakes. Lord, accept my prayer. Amen..

    Greetings of peace from the people of Indonesia.

  7. Any treaty would be a sham Russia could unilaterally walk away from it much like the US walked away from the Iran nuclear deal; that’s what superpowers do.

  8. Please please, be careful of Putin, the president of Ukraine, is wonderful seeing he is with his soldier s and a kind and fantastic president, he and all of Ukraine are in my prayers. God bless.

  9. Putin is a bully, only one way to deal with a bully is to come back to him… we will attack. If him attacks we will too. We have just as much strength that his has.

  10. Putin is a bully, only one way to deal with a bully is to come back to him… we will attack. If him attacks we will too. We have just as much strength that his has.

  11. Israel and the USA are the real aggressors!

    Israel and Palestine will only oppress small and weak countries which they judge will not be able to fight the power of Israel and the United States of America.

    The world seems to never care about how the USA attacked Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. USA is the real aggressor, terrorist and criminal.

    In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the USA only became a provocateur and apparently did not dare to attack Russia back.

    The USA should occasionally try what it feels like for Russia's nuclear weapons, fighting with a balanced enemy.

    It's been at least 70 years since Israel invaded Palestine and the eyes of the USA and the world have gone BLIND! Their ears also went deaf!

    I want to know how Russia actually detonated a nuke on the mainland USA and threw Biden and his gang into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

    The world should follow North Korea and several African countries to support Russia. USA will go crazy and think the world is hers if we don't fight it!

    Bravo Russia!!!